YYR clash 2012 review

on to the review :
opening the box: the clash came in the typical yyr box which i think looks really neat considering the mini fortune you are paying for it, but don’t worry the yoyo is even more awesome then the box, i ordered mine in gold, which honestly compliments the yoyo even more

inside the yoyo: it had a dif e yo konkave bearing and golden responsoe pads to much its color, the pads are good, however i bought a pair of irpads because i just like them better, the bearing was dry, infact a little too dry so with a drop of thin lube the CLASH became even more beastly

construction: well as i said the color is just the perfect shade of gold, matches wonderfully with neon yellow kitty string, it is made from 7075 aluminum which means durability would be awesome, after all this is what you would expect after paying a mini fortune on this yoyo, you wouldnt want to break it after the first contact with the floor

play: in all honesty the CLASH plays in a very unique way it is like a tank with a jet engine, despite its hefty weight at 70 g it is not that slow infact it is a lot faster than what i expected so you can say it has the stability of a large and heavy yoyo and the speed of a light and nimble yoyo.

horizontal play: the only 2 yoyos i own that are capable of handling my full horizontal combo with dying out and still have spin enough to come back to my hand are the 2013 superstar and the 2012 clash, the clash is a little better than the superstar at horizontal play so yeah it plays horizontal easily

grinds: lets face it this might be the only con this yoyo has which i dont think is even considered a con to some people is its grinding abilities, it can grind but not like a beadblast however i found that IRG were extremely satisfying, the only grind it can’t do is palm grind.

stability: the stablest yoyo i had tried, period

speed: not the fastest yoyo, but still fast enough to handle my fast combo, so yeah speed is not a problem too.

In conclusion: if you get the opportunity to get the CLASH get it because if it fits your size and weight specs your in for a treat guys one of the best yoyos in my collection.

pros: very stable
large yoyo
handles horizontal play amazingly
super long spin times
fast for a 70 g yoyo
looks wonderful
heavy yoyo

cons: large yoyo( i put this here for preference)
heavy yoyo( again for preference)
grinds are over average but not the best

so yeah this was my first review and i hope you liked please tell me what you think about it and leave any constructive crticism just dont be too hard haha
p.s. english is not ma native language so excuse the grammatical and spelling and puncuation mistakes if there are any