Cliff first impression

Well I got my Cliff yesterday in the 28 stories color way. So when I get my mail yesterday I opened up my package and immediately I was super impressed just by all the super fine detail that is put into just the box with the sleeve the box art by Jason Week and the shredded cardboard to keep it safe it’s just very cool what they do.
First throw: Well on my first throw I was wowed this yoyo can play at your pace is super stable, smooth and has long spin times. The only thing I don’t like all that much the shape is uncomfortable but it’s defiantly forth getting used to over time. Also you are worried about the size don’t be. This yoyo is one of the most floaty yoyos I own.

Final Thoughts: This is a great yoyo that I would suggest anybody to buy even though it is kid of pricy.

Ps this is my first CLYW

Horizontal? Grinding? Regens? Try to add more length to your reviews, because, no offense, it wasn’t detailed enough to make someone who is unaware of the Cliff to a proud owner. Also, proofread your posts.

it’s a first impression not a review I’ve only had it since Monday

I got my cliff yesterday and my first impressions were great. Of course we all like jason weeks artwork on the sleeve. The space blizzard ano looks like a space scene, Its sick! It did feel quite large for about 5 minutes, then I got used to it. It grinds great, both inner ring and finger grinds are good. The shape, like the size, takes some getting used too bit I really like it. The cliff is the only “extreme shape” yoy o I have and it might be the last. Everyone says its floaty and I would agree. The cliff isn’t :the fastest yoyo but is very stable. I seem to be getting crappy spin times and I’m wondering if I just have to wear in the bearing more… besides that its freaking awesome. I recommend it to anyone who likes full size throws or is looking for a yoyo that will really stand out in your collection.

I didn’t have good spin times too when i began with it either but then the bearing broke in and it’ll spin pretty long