CLYW Avalanche review

I got this yoyo yesterday and it is great. Because of its shape and rim weight it is very stable. This yoyo is lighter but not too light. It is a great floaty yoyo on the string and you can barely tell that it us on the end of the string. I get great sleep times out of it, about three minutes. I also love the shape. I have smaller hands and it feels great because of its great rounded eight shape it has.

Some people say that it is over priced but i think it is a great yoyo and really worth the price. I would definitely recommend this yoyo, it is the best yoyo in my collection.

I got it in the coffee splash color way and it is great. I think clyw has the best finish of any other yoyo brand. All and all it has great fit and finish including the great box art.

In conclusion I love this yoyo, it plays amazing. This is my first review and first clyw. Criticism and tips for future reviews would be great.

This is a very informative review. I would say that you could categorize each thing though. For example, have a looks section, a weight section, a play section, etc.

Thanks I will take that into consideration in my next review😄