CLYW reviews.

Can anybody give me list of clyw reviews I’ve tried searching on reviews but nothing much comes up. I’m looking so that I can know how weight width diameter effect play as In float solidness fast.

Specifically looking for a ac2 wooly marmot 2 puffin 2 scout orca bonfire.

Yo-yo reviews are kinda pointless - no 2 players play the same, so how someone else finds a yo-yo might be completely irrelevant to you. Also you have to consider this - you’ll find VERY few bad yo-yo reviews out there. Why is this? Some people pay a lot of money for a yo-yo and want to extol it’s virtues to everyone who will listen, to justify their large purchase. Others get their review models for free and might not want to upset the company sending them free samples.

I’ve bought yo-yos based on glowing reviews before, only to find I hated it


Go to the Search link

click “Advanced search”
In the little box that says “Choose a board to search in, or search all”

Uncheck the “Check all” box
Click on the “+” by the “Choose a board to search in, or search all”
When that opens, check mark “Yo-Yo Reviews”
Type the name of the yoyo you are interested in

Using for example the wooly marmot I found quite a number of reviews for that yoyo. In fact doing all of the above and searching on “clyw” brought up a lot of related reviews. Takes a little effort, but that’s what makes life worth living…

Case closed.


All I have learned about yoyo’s are that I don’t have a specific weight preference cause the design kind of changes how it feels more than anything. Also that the design doesn’t always necessitate anything until you actually throw it. Sigh, I guess that’s why I have too many throws, and a bunch that collect dust.

Hmmmm you might be right never thought like that.

Yes I got results after searching clyw buy didn’t get any wooly marmot 2 reviews. Got puffin bonfire and ac2 the most.

Yeah you are right. Yoyofactory Horizon and Yoyofactory Shutter and shaqlerstar are almost same weight but all feel different but width does plays a good factor.

This website offers excellent, detailed reviews on several CLYW yoyos

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