Anybody have any opinions on the CLYW Cliff?

Im thinking about buying one but there aren’t any reviews out there (that I can find) and im just curious about what those that own one think about it.

Thank you

I own one and am enjoying it very much.

As I’m sure you know, it is a big yoyo. Most full sized throws fall between 55mm and 57mm in diameter while the Cliff is 59.5mm. This gives it a big presence on the string and in the air, but it’s 68g weight keeps it nimble for it’s size. I find that the undercut of the rims is more comfortable than I thought it’d be, but it can catch your palm at the wrong angle and will crush your middle finger if you’re really sloppy on a throw.

The weight distribution lends itself to stability above all else. The ring in the cup centers the weight in a way that gives the yoyo something I feel comfortable calling “pop”. During chopsticks and hops I find that the Cliff pops up easily and doesn’t drop like a stone the way you’d expect it to given it’s weight. Although it is a bit big for some of the popular tech thrown these days, I found that I can easily move it quick enough to avoid catching a rim somewhere I don’t want to.

The grinding finish is just as good as any other CLYW release and the Cliff’s shape lends itself to grinds very well. The undercut hugs whatever finger you’re using and the rims don’t dig into palms, arms, or anything else you’d like to grind. Thumb grinds were clearly not a priority of the designers, but they are certainly possible if you throw at a very slight angle.

Horizontal play with the Cliff is superb. It’s shape is perfectly suited for keeping stability at awkward angles and even my sloppiest moments haven’t resulted in an early bind. I don’t have much more to say about it’s horizontal play because there just isn’t much more to be said than: it is fantastic.

Surprisingly, it rejects better than most of my high-walled yoyos, leading me to believe that the undercut of the rim was put into place very carefully. The Avant Garde and Avant Garde 2 don’t reject very easily, so I expected the Cliff to behave similarly and was willing to accept that, but was very happy to find that it could handle any rejections my Torrent 2 (the best rejecting yoyo I’ve every thrown) can.

All-in-all, I think the Cliff is the best CLYW yoyo since the Sasquatch. It’s size sets it apart from most yoyos, but like anything else, you get used to it quickly and start reaping the benefits sooner than you’d expect. The price is steep, sure, but if you’ve got the money to spend you shouldn’t hesitate any longer. The Cliff is well worth it’s price.

Thanks dude that helped a lot. Its down to this or another canvas cause I freakin love that yoyo so I will think hard on it first :slight_smile: your notes are a big help though. Thank you

No problem! The Canvas is spectacular and having two would make a unique 3A set. If you’re looking for something quintessentially CLYW, the Canvas just can’t be beat, but if you want something unique and invigorating, the Cliff is your best bet.