What does everyone who use it think of the Cliff. I’m hoping to get one soon if people enjoy it


It’s a good, fun, stable throw. To me, it feels really laid back and chill, something I want to throw when I’m not doing super-speed technical stuff. I love it!


It’s a really enjoyable throw. I agree that it feels nice and laid back, and if you’ve seen Peter Kavka use it, there is no doubt that it can handle anything. For its size and weight, it plays surprisingly light on the string, floats around quite a bit, and pops nicely. When I bought mine, the seller described it as “a fat guy that can dance.” A pretty spot on description if you ask me. :wink:


Two Words


Coolest looking yoyo I own.


I Love how the Cliff looks. It is just the slickest looking thing ever. I love the way it plays and along with my Gnarwhal the manufacturing and finishing are just perfect. I find I can pull things off with my CLYW’s that I can’t with my other throws. The only way i can really put it is when you want it to bind it binds tight and rarely knots and at the same time performs amazingly with multiple layers of string in the gap. Just amazing.