On the form like 3 people have cliffs, who has one and is it a better then other clyws?

How exactly did you come up with the number 3? I have one. It isn’t any better or worse than any other CLYW. All comes down to preference.


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Also, the caps were unneeded. Just though I’d throw that out there. Unless you’re dying. Then it may be justified.

sorry bout the caps just really want one.

's all good.

I has a hulk smash Cliff.

It’s definitely different. Obviously one of those throws that’s meant to be fun and interesting rather than be an outright performance-minded, comp throw. I wouldn’t put it up against the Avalanche or Chief, at least not for me.

The floaty, light sensation is the most notable thing about it. It’s really pretty big, and not particularly light either, but during play it seems like it’s filled with helium.

If anyone want to trade one I’m your guy.

Sounds like you’re already keen on one, so not sure what the goal here is. To justify your keenness with other people that are also keen?

It’s a great throw. The uncommon gap disallows finger grinds for me (my finger gets stuck) but to be frank I only try grinds every now and then for a giggle. Not a deal killer. It spins long, it plays lighter than it is, and it’s an all around fun and stable throw.

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I might just have a thin index finger, but I can grind it just fine. I can even do thumb grinds on the inner-lip if the throw is at a very slight angle.

I’m more than happy to recommend the Cliff if you want a big, unusual yoyo that can perform very well if you get used to it’s shape and size. I’ve been throwing mine non-stop since Christmas and I’m still very fond of it.

Great yoyo, though I didn’t much care for it.

I just got one!