Avalanche or cliff

Ive been debating should i pick up a snowday avalanche or just hold out for the cliff. I dont have an avalanche but the snowday color is really sick so if i ever get one i would want this one to be it. But i wanted some opinions. Is the avalanche really that solid despite not having chief rings? Is there anyone that tried a cliff in comparision. In reality i might get both but just curious on peoples thoughts

Avalanches are great. Definitely get an Avalanche.

More Cliffs for me.


Sold lol

In all seriousness, Avalanches are superb yoyos. I’ve owned about 6 or 7, and they’ve all played incredibly. The Avalanche looks like it’s got nothing to prove, but can still deliver. Definitely in my top 3.

Haven’t tried one, but I plan on picking up a Cliff. And I’m sure it will be just as amazing.

You can’t go wrong with either, man.

The Cliff sucks. I tried one at Eli hops. Worst Yoyo ever. Spin times sucked, stupidly big, vibey, and gross. will never buy one.

loljk I did actually try it and it is absolutely marvelous. Truly a stunning yoyo.

Its that bad?!? Or u just hatin?!

Read the small text. lol

Lmao truly invisable on my iphone

it says,
“loljk I did actually try it and it is absolutely marvelous. Truly a stunning yoyo.”

Oh yes. I had to zoom in and i saw it. I really was like wow ok that sux :confused: but it looks like i am stuck getting both now yikes

don’t get both, get the Avalanche. I think it is very good.

I would take these recommendations with a grain of salt, as hardly anyone here has tried the cliff I think. I heard that the cliff was extremely floaty from most people, but idk without trying it.

The new Ava is one of the best yoyos around.

It’s just not possible to go wrong. For my money, Ava all day because it’s a sure bet.

You’ll be happy with either one.

Seriously, the Cliff is the floatiest yoyo I have ever tried. Smooth, big but not too big, just a fun throw. I am definitely going to pick one up when they drop.

Does the Cliff’s size make it akward in the slightest?

I am also yet to try a Cliff but the Avalanche has realistically been my favorite throw since its debut. Its design is simple yet it is truly one of the longest spinning, floaty yet fast, just all around superb return tops I’ve ever owned. It just flat out works. I mean, look no further than the fact that at this year’s nationals, Earnest Kahn was throwing an Avalanche. After the release of the Chief, the Arctic Circle, the Glacier Express, after CLYW team members had thrown the Puffin and the Cliff. Earnest elected to use an Avalanche on stage. It’s a wonderful throw. If you like Snowday I say go for Snowday. The Cliff will always be there later. An Avalanche is worth owning.

Avalanche has been my favorite CLYW ever since i started throwing, and i’ve said many times that it was my favorite throw ever, but i recently got a Glacier Express and it might just dethrone the Ava. It’s by far the most stable yoyo i’ve ever owned. Boing boing combos, brain twister combos, etc. for days without tilting. If you’re after stability add the GE to the list.

It was awkward for the first 30 seconds. But no, didn’t affect it in anything other than Eli hops were easier, and it fit better in my palm.