Need Help w/ Purchase: Avalanche Colorways

I want an avalanche because i love the look of its shape, i have heard many good things about avalanches, and it is more affordable than other CLYW’s. But the Cliff has been getting a lot of hype and i have never used a yoyo with that extreme H-shape. it looks uncomfortable but i know it most likely is not uncomfortable. I have a chief and i love it. If i love the chief (the only CLYW i have tried), will i like the Cliff of the CB Avalanche better? which one do you guys like more and what are the advantages to this rim shape on the cliff? Also i have the money for either one but i dont know if the cliff is worth the extra 20 dollars or not. Should i go with the Ava or Cliff?

I Have Decided to go with the Avalanche. Now could people give me their opinions on colorways. Space Blizzard, Fire Blizzard, or 28 Stories? I know this is all opinion but i like peoples opinion. Also if i were ever to sell this ava, which colorway do you think people tend to want the most and will be easiest to get a good deal on the throw?

-Thank you to anyone who helps


Well if you like the avalanche you’ll probably like the glacier express(extreme h-shape and plays like the arctic circle which plays like the arctic circle).Sorry If I’m confusing you but oh well. I 'd prefer the avalanche more because it is hard to thumb grind with large hands on the avalanche and well yeah.

Is say cliff
It’s like a bigger Chief
But it’s very feathery!

No offense but that literally made no sense. i haven used an avalanche nor have i used an extreme h-shaped yoyo so i dont know if i like them. and of course the arctic circle plays like the arctic circle.

I agree. How in the world is an Avalanche like a GE.
I would go for Cliff.
Seems to be very floaty, and hard to find. But in the end it is your decision.
What style of play do you like?

Well i dont compete so i do not need/want a yoyo that is made for competition. i like smooth and floaty yoyos that are comfortable in the hand. i like yoyos that when learning new tricks, they always feel right and just seem to always it the right string. So based on that should i go cliff or ava?

I would choose CB Ava. The Cliff is apparently floaty, but uncomfortable.
I think the OG Ava would be a better choice, but they are not being produced any more.
I have heard that the CB Ava is nice a floaty, but is not as stable as the OG Ava.

Uncomfortable in the hand or on the string? If in the hand, it isn’t a big deal unless you have REALLY tiny hands.

I still really have no idea what to get.

Its more uncomfortable in the hand. It does fine on the string!!

Id say if you want a smoother organic shape go for the avalanche. The cliff is a great throw, but is definitely a little awkward in terms of its shape. They both perform great though and are fast and floaty

Agree with the above. The Avalanche hits all the right spots. Stable, comfortable… felt like an old friend as soon as I started playing one.

The Cliff is a really great yoyo, too, but my initial impression when I held it was “weird…?” On the string it was a treat, though.

Get either. But since you’re asking for opinions, I lean towards the Ava.

Just to stick my two pennies in, although I like the Cliff I don’t feel I can grip it and rip it as well as the Ava’s. Somehow I feel like I’m not getting the best out of the Cliff because I can’t give it the force it needs to really play, and I’m 6’2" or so so it’s not that I’m tiny. Therefore I’d say Ava too.

So if i get an Ava, could i have peoples opinions if i should get space blizzard, fire blizzard, or 28 stories?

28 Stories of course!

Pick the colorway that jumps out and you and commands you to throw it :wink: your going to be the one seeing it everyday.