Who's gettin a Comeback Avalanche?

i sure as heck am. what color way are you goin for? I’m probably gettin Yogi.

i’m not, (practically broke), but that northern lights one looks stunning…

i will probably go for the red oak moss.hopfully they have a lot in stock so i have a chance to get one.

I’m trying to decide between this and a FG AC.

that northern lights look so nice 8)

i would go for a FG AC cuz then i have less competition :stuck_out_tongue:

yes that would help.

If you send me some compensation I’ll definitely hook you up and skip the avalanche :wink:

In all honesty though, it looks like a very nice, but normal throw. How is this better/different than my chief or skywalker or code 2?

IMO, the Avalanche is the best yoyo CLYW has pumped out.

Decentish price, excellent play, and it just has that comfy, down-to-earth feel that Chris strives for.

Now I just need to decide on Northern Lights or Gold. They’ll both look pretty next to my Jack Rabbit Ava :wink:

I’m going Red Mossy Oak or Delirium Dive. Decisions, decisions.

Me, I really can’t decide between gold, and pink white acid wash with blue splash.

I got a Hulk Smash… Awesome!!! I had and loved three of the original Avalanche… And I feel this “comeback” is the best yet. Fast, stable and a heck of a lot of fun to throw. I agree that this (to me) is the best CLYW to date. I always wanted a lighter Avalanche and now I have it!!!.. Here it is…

I just bought a Cascade, I love it, but wish I saved money for an Avalanche. I love my Matterhorn to death and a 66g one would be awesome.

This is why I’m getting one. Sometimes mine just feels too heavy.

first person to buy two and use them for 3a gets a gold star

This is not expected to be the last avalanche release is it?

every color looks like a winner.

im praying to the flying spaghetti monster my internet service provider for some red oaky amazingness.

No, more to come. Solids too!!!

I’m gonna skip this round. Spent big recently, waiting for some paybacks, as well as loaned some money. I bought a Glacier Express for myself

I have an Avalanche already, but I want the re-issue as well. I can live with what I have for now.

Some of the colorways look nice. I’d love to get one, just now isn’t the time. If it was next week though… I’d be all over this! But if a client pays early(right, like that’s gonna happen) between now and when they drop… well, all bets are off!

I always thought the avalanche was easily in the top three Caribou throws. I think the renovations he did on the design are really gonna make it shine. 66 gram… Mmm perfect.