CLYW Avalanche

I’m thinking of getting a Avalanche, but I don’t know if it is still a serious competitor compared to newer throws like a Format C or BVM2? Also wondering what you guys think about the Glacier Express

The Avalanche is a top notch throw, no doubt. I never really got the meaning of “serious competition throw”. It’s a high end metal, and it’ll handle anything you throw at it. There’s also the option of Fool’s gold with it or any of the other CLYW’s, which I’d say are worth waiting for. I love my Ava, but I don’t think I’d shell out 120 dollars for an A-grade. It’s your call, really. It’s all good.

Yeah, I’d get a fools gold if I could but CLYW isn’t selling them at the moment

Worth the wait :wink:

IMO the avalanche just doesn’t have the stability or spin time to stand up to some newer throws. That being said, I love mine. I wouldn’t use it for competition because there are better suited yoyos for that. However, it’s a great yoyo.

In regards to “competition throws”, I’d honestly be comfortable competing with most of my throws. To be honest I’d much rather compete with the MagicYoyo D5 (or possible the YYF Shutter) than anything else.

Hmmmm… So you don’t think it’s worth paying $135 for an awesome color way a grade Ava

No, only the Chief and Arctic Circle can really keep up with similarly priced throws at this point. That price can pick you up a YYR or a Prestige. There are even cheaper throws that are being made in 7075 like the Format:C. The Avalanche can’t compete at that price range.

It’s every bit as much of a competition throw as the BVM2 and Format C IMO. Go for the Ava, you won’t be disappointed.

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K sweet


I have had an og avalanche since yye got them the first time and it has been my favorite throw the entire time I’ve had it I have bought several high end metals since then and still nothing seems to top it even all my friends yoyos I’ve played with I even liked it better than both versions of the cheif and my leviathan 2

The avalanche is a good throw!
if you want to get one than get it and if you don’t like it you can always trade it