yyf skyline vs clw avalanche

hey guys been yoyoing for about 8 months now and im looking on upgrading from my dv888 to a high end yoyo. ive narrowed it down to the skyline or the avalanche. what are your opinions on the two?

I’ve never played a skyline, but I can say I love love love the avalanche. It’s fast, but plays really solid without feeling like a rock on a string. It is super stable, super smooth, and spins forever. Need any more convincing?

Seconded. I love my Avalanche. Spins for days, and is pretty smooth (mine has lots of love marks). Can handle anything you’ve got. I’d even recommend a b-grade from YYE, you get a great throw and an awesome shirt.

I haven’t used an avalanche but I have owned a skyline. The only think that is bad about it is that it dosen’t have amazing stability. Its stability is good but it is not as good as full size throws. Its spin time is a little better than the genesis (which shocked me).

But if I had to choose between the skyline and the avalanche (having never tried an ava) then I would definitly go for the ava. It is full sized and will definitly have more stability and have you ever heard anyone, anyone at all, say anything bad abouut the avalanche?

yeah i wasnt sure about the skyline. unfortunately all of the avalanche’s are gone here and b-grade is not an option for me. anyone know where i can get a new one? (prefferably in jack rabbit colors)

Unless you want international shipping, avalanches are gone. You can check.the bst though.

And the fg avalanche play the samr, just more vibe on grinds than usual

i dont mind about international shipping. how does the avalanche compare to the bear vs man?

Hmmm…that’s a tough decision.

-solid, but not heavy
-super stable
-wide v-shape

Bear vs Man:
-plays solid, but feels like a rock on a string
-also super stable
-a round, very thin shape, so you’ll have to be a little bit more precise with this yoyo

I know I don’t make the BvM sound very good, but they’re both great yoyos, both eventually worth owning. But at the end of the day, I’d definitely reach for my avalanche over the BvM.

alright im convinced for a skyline. im just not a fan of b-grade but im sure tis the same play.

Why are b-grades not an option? You don’t want to deal with ano flaws?

its not that b grade isnt an option its just ide prefer to get the full a grade. i guess like you said i dont want to deal with any flaws. if im buying a yoyo thats 100$+ i want it to be flawless.

…but the b-grade’s not 100+

lol, just do whatever you wanna do, I’d go with the b-grade, but that’s just me. I’m sure you’ll like whatever you get.

I own an FG Avalanche. It rocks. The vibe is indestinguishible from regular CLYW’s. On finger grinds it is a bit more apparent. :slight_smile:

I don’t buy the CLYW vibe thing. My Avalanche was super smooth before I dinged it. Like, near YYR smooth. My BvM and Marmot were also very smooth. My Peak was the only one that had much of a vibe.

I think the BvM plays fast and not quite floaty, but still amazing.



Someone send me a Skyline so I can compare it against my Avalanche. I like my Avalanche though.

I think he is intentionally posting shortly :wink:

No, I’m not. Well, maybe I am. I don’t know. I guess you’ll never know. Maybe I don’t know either.

It’s been a rough day. I’m still recovering from the 4 day marathon called Sacramento Horror Film Festival.

Any word on someone donating a Skyline to me for comparing with my Avalanche? Just kiddding. I’m sure I’d have to scour BST to try to get one.