I found a yoyo... How do you like the CLYW avanche?


So in my last post, I asked about a good yoyo… and btw im buying them from a store not online so i cant get any yoyo, they didnt have the yoyos you guys named. So i found that i can also get a CLYW avalanche, I dont know ANYTHING about CLYW, i know more about yoyojam (dont like them) and yoyofactory(love um), but ive heard good things about CLYW. Anyway, I like it if a yoyo is heavier ( at least 64g, at most 72g), good for learning tricks, and the part i care most about is looonnnggg sleep times. I know its the player not the yoyo, but i saw a vid where the guy just dropped a DV888 and it was sleeping for like 30 sec. (my second choice is DV888) so that cant be the player… that is because the yoyo slept that long. so… THANKS!
EDIT: ( again i know nothing about CLYW yoyos…) is there a difference between CLYW Avalanche and CLYW Avalanche by Caribou Lodge? is the second one like a neweer version? cuz thats the one im talking about.


The Avalanche is perfect for you. Without looking up the specs I think it weighs in at around 67g. It is insanely stable and has long powerful spins.

It is one of the best yoyos you can get, and although yoyos are about preference I think most people would say that it outclasses the Dv888 by a significant margin. 30 seconds is nothing for the Avalanche. With a smooth-running bearing and a good throw, you are looking at minutes, not seconds.

Did you by chance see the price, though? It costs roughly 3 times as much as the Dv888 unless you are lucky enough to land one of the very-well-received “Fools Gold” Avalanches.


Get an Avalanche. Way better than a Dv888. Avalanches (depending on your throw) can spin for several minutes, which is much more time than you’ll ever really need as a beginner.


Well, we’re in disagreement(sort of) about YYJ vs. YYF, because I like YYJ more than YYF, but it doesn’t matter because both companies make great stuff. I have loads of product by both companies, and I like stuff by both companies.

dv888 vs. Avalanche… I have both. I have two Avalanches. An older Matterhorn and a Comeback. The dv888 I also have. There’s honestly no comparison in my opinion, but before I really lay into it, I got the dv888 first and it’s never been an ideal fit for me. It’s still a decent yoyo though. This is merely a matter of preferences. I can say loads of good things about the dv88, but the bottom line is it’s not an ideal match for me. I just want to be clear on that.

The Avalanche is honestly the way I would go. Even if I loved the dv888, the Avalanche is bigger, better weight distribution, and as a result, is a much better performer. Is it a matter of the Avalanche being nearly 3 times more expensive? Well, yes and no. Some yoyos are underpriced. The dv888 to me feels priced right at around $45, where the Ava costs around $120 and feels like it could go for at least $35 more.

Ignore sleep times. A dv888 won’t spin as long as an Avalanche, but that’s a function of the size, shape and design differences, NOT an issue of quality or how good it is. The dv888 should get you through your longest combos and if you stay clean, should have plenty of spin for more. The Ava, being bigger, wider and a better weight distribution is going to spin longer, but that’s irrelevant if you’re just talking about throwing a sleeper. This yoyo will also get you through your longest combos with plenty to spare, but the larger size gives you a more generous catch zone and the shape is more forgiving, allowing for play to not have to be so clean and still stay solid and stable.

Many people report problems with the dv888 being smooth. I don’t have this issue as mine is super smooth. I’ve played plenty of others and they have been pretty much smooth but one had a touch of vibe but nothing I would go ranting over, well within my tolerances. CLYW has a reputation for smoothness. All but my BvMr2 are smooth as glass and even that one with a touch of vibe, I don’t notice it.

This is one of those situations where we’re not comparing “apples to apples”. We’re truly comparing two truly different items, with their only similarities come from being yoyos. Of course better is and always will be a matter of preferences. In this case, my opinion is that the dv888 is a good yoyo, something I am happy to have in my collection despite being rarely played. The Avalanche is the superior yoyo in my opinion. If you can justify the price, it is the one I would go for.

I’m not gonna sit here though and appear to be anti-YYF. The Equilateral is a favorite YYF of mine, definitely a top 10 model in my collection as a result.


The Ava is great you will love it.


The Ava is very nice, but I don’t think it will suit your preferences, it is floaty and light in my opinion. The opposite of what you want, again AWESOME yoyo!!!


:confused: Well, I suppose you can have your vote. It just doesn’t count. :wink:

The specified range was 64-72, and while this is closer to the light side of that (just under 66g, not 67 that I guessed earlier) it’s still within range.

There are floatier yoyos out there. Avalanche is a solid performer in my opinion. Gets the business done with determination and without feeling like a lightweight-- again, in my opinion. At 67g, the Dv888 is barely heavier… and while the Dv888 will feel even heavier than that on the string, I think it’s still a no-brainer to recommend the Avalanche over the Dv888 unless price is a consideration.

Just because someone says “I tend to prefer heavier yoyos” doesn’t mean the decision is black and white based on the Dv888 being a hair heavier. It would be the exceedingly rare person (I’ve never seen one on this forum) who wouldn’t take the Avalanche out of the two.


Avalanche no-brainer. Unless you want to save money, the avalanche outclasses the dv888 by a lot. I’m not saying the dv888 is a bad yoyo, it is just not as good. It feels heavy and slow, which I don’t like, but you may. I’ve never used an Avalanche, but it is generally well recieved by everybody, unlike the dv888.


For the CLYW Avalanche vs CLYW Avalanche by Caribou Lodge, the are THE EXACT SAME :smiley: don’t get confused. CLYW is Caribou Lodge. CLYW stands for Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works. So if it says CLYW avalanche by Caribou Lodge, it basically says CLYW Avalanche by CLYW. Lol :smiley:


I would suggest a fool’s gold Avalanche. Fool’s gold, in case you were unsure, means that it has a slight amount of vibe to it. But trust me you cant even notice it. I have one myself so I can speak from experience. What makes the fool’s gold ones great is that they are half price what you would normally pay. So roughly around $60-$70 dollars.
But Its still better than the Dv888. Not to bash yoyofactory. Because I love them too. But in all honesty, the avalanche is a yoyo that you can use for the rest of your life.


hahaha lol thanks man! i felt really stupid reading that… lol thx


Agreed… I will always choose to pay half pice for amazing yo yo’s!!