CLYW - Avalanche Fools Gold review


Background on Reviewer:

I have been yoyoing for going on about 8 years as of the date that this review is written. I’ve owned everything from Duncan and Yomega to Yoyofactory and Yoyojam. This however, is my first CLYW yoyo. I enjoy every style of play however I’m especially intrigued by the Moebius style of play.

Pics of the Avalanche Fools Gold:

Specs and General information:

Diameter: 55.5 mm / 2.19 inches
Width: 43.0 mm / 1.69 inches
Gap Width: 4.14 mm / .16 inches
Weight: 67.2 grams
Bearing Size: Size C Stainless Steel (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: CLYW Snow Tire Response Silicone Pads

Priced at $94.99 the Avalanche Fools Gold ( Henceforth abbreviated as AFG ) is a metal yoyo and is signature series of amazing player Krisztian Kaluzsa. This yoyo is packed with an exclusive Fools Gold Avalanche T-shirt. The original Avalanche is priced at $115.00. You may be wondering why there is a price difference between the two. This is because the AFG has a slight imperfection that causes it to have a slight vibe which I will discuss in further detail later on.

First Impressions

This yoyo is packed in a small box. The box has a really nice design on the it featuring what else but an avalanche on a mountain. The color is one reason why I got this throw. I got the color scheme known as “Jack Rabbit” which is Black/Clear Acidwash W/ Pink Speckles. With this color scheme the ano is very well done. The Pink and Black contrast well and it shows. There is a small CLYW logo at the bottom in the side of either side of the yoyo.

Guts and innerworkings

The AFG has a Size C Stainless Steel (.250 x .500 x .187). This is the standard bearing for most metal throws. This allows for great spin times. The response system is the CLYW Snow Tire Response
Silicone Pads. I’ve heard alot about these pads. Some say that is feels “grabby”. Which it is when you first get it. It doesn’t play responsive or anything but I would say that it’s close. It took me about an hour to get it to the level where I could use it like normal, but I would say that this is true for many of the responsive systems out there where there is a break in period. Flowable Silicon could be used instead of these response pads instead. The axle of the AFG is black and screws in and out with ease.


This is one of the smoothest feeling yoyos I’ve felt before. I would go as far to say that it is smoother than the YYF Genesis. It fits nice in the hand and feels very smooth. Grinding of all sorts are easily achievable with the feeling of this yoyo. The edges are flared out and are rounded off. The weight being at 67.2 grams and feels like you are holding something worth it.

On The Throw

My first throw was great. It has a great spin time and nice stability to it. This is because the weight is focused on the rim on the yoyo. When you throw it you can feel it stay down at the bottom on the string. Not responsive at all. The Snow Tires response pads are alittle snaggy to begin with but they will break in and then they are perfect. This yoyo flows great and is fun to play with. Now here comes the big question

The Vibe

The Fools Gold in this Avalanche is because there are slight imperfections that cause a vibe in the yoyo. This is purely feel and it does not affect the performance of the yoyo at all. The best way I can describe it is if you throw the yoyo and look really closely at the string you can see it vibrate slightly. If you are paying attention to it then you will be able to notice it. This is all feel however and has not affected my performance in any way, shape, form, or fashion. There is an ever so slight vibration to the string if you pay attention. Throughout the weeks that I have been throwing this yoyo there has been no complications due to this vibe.

In Conclusion and Final Throughts

The Avalanche Fools Gold is defiantly worth the money. The feel is ultra smooth and causes some of the longest grinds I’ve ever had. It has a nice flow when throwing it and this translates to some nice spin times. The vibe is negligible and does not affect the yoyo in any way other than a slight feel of vibe to the string. If I had to compare it to another yoyo it would be the YYF Gensis, however that comparison does not do this yoyo justice because this is truly a unique yoyo and worth every penny. The t-shirt doesn’t hurt either. :wink:

This is my first review and any information or thoughts may lead to further reviews. Thanks.


Great review! I was really curious to see how the FG Ava played, and this certainly answered my questions.

Just a quick note, near the beginning, you used the word “paint” to describe the anodization on this yoyo. Just to avoid confusion, you might want to edit that and replace “paint” with “ano” Though the aesthetics of the two are very similar, the processes and effects of them are very different.

Keep up the good work!

(Alex Fairhurst) #3

I feel cheated. The description said my FG avalanche would have vibe, but mine came in the mail today and it’s smooth as glass.

Seriously. 95 is a steal and the vibe is only noticeable on a bad throw. If I hadn’t been warned by YYE I probably wouldn’t have noticed it. I could have easily been conned into buying this yoyo for full price, but I got 20 dollars off AND a free T-Shirt.


thanks for that review i really wanted to know if the fools gold affects it but good thing it does not ordering one


FG can be assigned to any CLYW with a slight vibe or ano defects (or a combination of the two).

Honestly…they shouldn’t even have a FG status.

My Matterhorn (not FG) has anno imperfections and a slight vibe. Nothing to be disappointed about but I could of gotten it for a bit less if it just had the engraving on it.

That brings up another good point. Most of the forum goers I have encountered have stated that their Ava’s (as well as most of the other CLYW products) do in fact vibe. Some worse than others. So how is it justifiable that they can spend more money on putting a laser engraving on the yoyo and sell it for less? What’s the big deal? Why don’t they lower the prices on the standard runs!



All yoyos vibe. All of them. No exceptions. I’ve never bought into the whole CLYW vibe thing, my Avalanche, when it was new, was smoother than my mini-star, and everyone seems to swear by “General-Yo” smooth.

As for ano flaws, who cares?


I’m not complaining about the vibe or ano flaws by any means. In fact I actually enjoy that bit of vibe. I have had yoyo’s that do not vibe whatsoever. They are out there, for example…every General Yo I’ve played has had no hint of vibe whatsoever.

I’m just saying that there is literally no difference between the fools gold and standard run CLYW products. At least I don’t see it. I’m grateful for the lower price tag but what’s the point?


Oh, I see. I kind of agree with that, I think there must be some sort of criteria that must be reached for A-grade status.


Exactly that would make much more sense to have them separate the ones with little to no vibe and call them A grade or whatever rather than to randomly select ones, spend more money laser engraving them, call them fools gold, and sell them for less…it makes absolutely no sense to me.


There is in fact a system, Ive seen chris meticulously examine chiefs for any flaws what so ever and declaring them B grades. only the ones that play flawlessly are sold as A grades. if your A grade has vibe it may just be a bent axel.


So he just started implementing these measures than? And your saying thT even after Chris hand tests the Chiefs you can still get a brand new one with a bent axle? Way to defend them. That’s a load of bull.


Calm down.


I’m always calm.



You seem quite angry.


In my experience, telling someone to calm down is a surefire way to get them angrier.


as far as I know these measures have always been in place, and there are several ways an axel can get bent, during the shipping, or if when you first put the yoyo together it got over tightened



Also…it’s quite difficult trying to get a feel for an individual’s emotions through written words…on forums that is.

I wasn’t angry at all. Passionate? Maybe… just putting out my personal feelings.

I find it ridiculous to think that you would receive a yoyo with a bent axle. I have personally never experienced this situation…I have never bent an axle…stripped a few…but never bent.

The only way I could see an axle becoming bent is by having both halves forcefully moved in up or down…hard to explain…

Overtightening shouldn’t bend an axle though.

Also…this thread was made for a review and what you feel about the yoyo / review. Let’s stop bickering please.


I’ve never stripped and axle or a yoyo half, though I’m sure I will eventually.

CLYW makes great yoyos as far as I’m concerned, and I think that people make far too big of a deal out of vibe.

I agree with Gunstar, I don’t see an appreciable difference between regular and fools’ gold CLYW, I just jump at the lowered price.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some yoyos to throw.