CLYW Fools Gold

Hey guys, I just wanted to ask is there a difference between the CLYW fools gold and the regular CLYW. I know there is a difference, vibe etc. But like Yyf … There bgrade stuff had a little bgrade logo engraved on it. Does the CLYW fools gold have anything engraved on it to notify it’s a fools gold edition aka b grade?


yes it has the pickaxe clyw logo on it. :slight_smile:

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Or like the fools gold peaks, there are the letters “fools gold” along the outer rim.

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does anyone know how bad the vibe is compared to a regular clyw? im considering getting one :slight_smile:

I haven’t played one, but knowing Chris’s standards I doubt you would be able to notice too much of a difference in a blind testing.

I have a fools gold Peak that is very smooth. There is a very small ano flaw inside the cup. I think that’s why it’s a fools gold.

yye said that you can “feel” the vibe, but you can’t see it. so… I’m gonna go ahead and guess that it’s not bad in the least. Chris has like as high of standards as Ernie does, and that’s sayin’ something.

ok, thanks, the jackrabbit looks SICK!

Damn… Now I feel like … I Shuda waited lol

i have a fools gold avalanche and there’s just a tiny amount of vibe.

Quite frankly, I think vibe, or lack thereof is over rated.
Unless there is a noticeable wobble, it just doesn’t matter.


I can’t decide between this and a CODE 1. So the vibe isn’t bad right?

I got a fools gold wooly marmot that had 0 detectable vibe… Also remember It could be marked fools gold because of an ano flaw

I cant be that bad it doesn’t effect play or spin times. So i would assume its vibe to the touch or a slight vibe on the string.

I agree!

Just ordered the Jack Rabbit.

just ordered one! ;D ;D

My avalanche should come tomorrow. I got the 28 stories fools gold edition. It stinks because it is my birthday present from my mom and dad, and they said I can’t open it until my birthday, October 23rd. I don’t know how long i’ll be able to wait knowing there is an avalanche in my house but I can’t play with it.