"fools gold" what is it? Why is it bad?


Im intrigued


It means it is b grade which usally with caribou ladge means it has vibe


It’s not “bad” per se. It’s CLYW’s way of labeling their B-grade yo-yo’s. This only means they have some vibe or anodizing defects. Sold at a cheaper price.


It is similar to a “b-grade” or “factory second.” That is to say, they are not as good as the normal product due to slight defects. However, Caribou Lodge is known for their pickiness, ad a lot if their fool’s gold yoyos play just like the normal ones. Some of them are rejected just for anodization errors, like pinpricks, or things of that nature. In short, they’re just great yoyos put on clearance :wink:

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It’s not bad… I don’t know why the heck people would think it’s bad.

Its a b-grade sold at a SUBSTANTIALLY lower cost because of MINOR and usually UNNOTICEABLE anno flaw or vibe in the yoyo. If any thing its a good thing. Good yoyo at a good price.


This guy is absolutely correct. I think its a good thing, you can get up to $10-20 off just because of a little tiny vibe or even a minor anno flaw

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More than that… Fools Gold Avalanches were being sold at HALF PRICE because they were b-grades. That’s an incredible deal.


Some people just care for a perfect yoyo too much ::slight_smile:


This could have very very very easily been found out through a very very very simple search. but it has vibe and it’s not “bad.” good and bad are words that we give weight given on our social structures and society. No such thing exists. It is all your perception.


That explains ur username haha


Agreed. Not bad.
I had all B’s in school with no A’s and I still made the honoroll.


Fools Gold is not necessarily bad. I’ve bought a Fools gold Avalanche, and the only problem was a slight vibe on grinds. The Fools. Gold tag can range anywhere from Ano flaws of vibe. Still a great deal.


Ain’t nothing bad about Fools Gold.

I’ve not bought a FG CLYW, but I’ve had to clean(as per requested by their owner) many bearings in FG throws, and so therefore I get to play them.

My discovery:

No, serious. All the vibe issues, I don’t feel them. Ano flaws? Well, OK, maybe there, but they are small or somewhat uniform(too light, too dark) and often don’t distract from the yoyo itself.

FG: A great way to save a lot of money on a great throw. Yeah, I’d strongly consider it if you’re short on cash and gotta have a CLYW. Or just want to save money. Or just flat out want one. It’s pretty much a “can’t go wrong” thing.


YES! :slight_smile: you get it :smiley:


maybe this is the place to ask this then… where can you get those Fools Gold yoyos? can you get them from CLYW? or are they referred to as that by re-sellers? is there a specific place to get em?


Chris puts them on the CLYW Store.


Fool’s Gold: The name applied to a “B-Grade” CLYW throw that has either minor vibe, ano flaws, or both. Nothing to affect play, just a darn good deal. I’ve bought two and they were a couple of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Nothing bad at all. As for where they’re sold, Chris usually sells them directly from the CLYW store.


I’ve seen him also sell them at contests, but most will sell quickly through the CLYW store.


I got a fg cliff ($165 new i believe) for $70. Very little vibe, less than some other brands a-grades.


CLYW sells direct, and sometimes, stores sell them too