Fools Gold

Are fools golds worth the money? I might get a fools gold glacier express

If you don’t mind vibe or ano flaws then it’s worth it if you wanted a normal run Glacier Express then yes.

I have a Fools Gold that I don’t even notice any vibe or flaws on. The vibe tends to be pretty small so I find FG to be an awesome deal unless you’re very picky.

@imperfectoo so it is worth the money if I wanted a normal run?

They’re a great deal, far better than the non-fool’s gold models.

Well if you are really wanting one and can’t afford a Non-Fools Gold one and don’t mind the very very little vibe or ano flaws then it’s worth it.

I like CLYW FG and I think it definitely worth it from my experience but if you want a perfect model then you should get a normal run. Usually the flaws are minor. I don’t know if this factor into your decision but if you plan to sell or trade the normal run away later they are obviously worth more.

Thank you!

They are definitely worth the money.

Not much else to say

FG CLYW = good value

RRP CLYW = overpriced

I personally don’t notice much difference between A-grade and FG versions. They’re both smooth enough and I quite like most of the FG engravings.

The latest glacier express FG run is VIBY. But it is clearly explained, and it plays great nevertheless. I played one this weekend.

Depends on your idea of value. Do you figure in whatnot costs to put a new non fools gold CLYW on the market? A fools gold is less expensive, but you’re not getting a perfect non flawed retail yoyo. If owning a CLYW is more important than some minor flaws then jump On the fools gold, but if you are interested in a perfect CLYW then pass and save up for the retail version.

Good luck with your choice and I look forward to hear about your happiness with your purchase!

Yes and no. Sure you’ll obviously get less for a FG when you sell it, but you also paid substantially less. I’ve seen FG sell at or even above their original price numerous times, whereas you’re likely to suffer quite large amounts of depreciation on a full-price model.

The GE Fool’s Gold is apparently even vibier than most (like the “Ill Vibes” Avalanche run) but aside from that (or given the_dope_chaud’s mini review, regardless of that), FG is good value for money. I’ve played several, and nineteen times out of twenty if I didn’t know they were FG I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

I’ve played but don’t own any FG CLWY’s. I agree with your observation. If it wasn’t for the markings on the yoyo, I’d have had no way of knowing it was a FG version.

I like it when CLYW puts the pick-axes on the FG’s. Wish they’d put that on all their yoyos, FG or not.

Haha that’s part of the reason I bought FG’s, I thought the engravings were killer.

Imagine how bland my Canvas would look without them (or my AC, for that matter).

I really dislike the new FG engravings.

Considering that 40% of my CLYWs are Fool’s Gold, I’ll have to agree with everyone here and say that they’re well worth it.

I’m glad I’m not alone on the new engravings. Were they cool for the single run of Avas that they put it on the first time? Absolutely. Do I want them on EVERY FG? Absolutely NOT. Its way too busy. I really would like to pick up a few FG but I refuse to buy any of the newer ones with the huge FOOLS GOLD engraving. Bring back the pickaxes.

My guess is that Chris knows that the pickaxes look cool. The new engravings are for lesser grades, so he’s got to ‘ugly them up’, if you will :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that black one (sasquatch?) ano flawed in the cup? It looks wrinkled…

I guess you could call it a flaw. It’s actually powdercoated, though. But it was originally a FG Sas.