clyw summit or clyw glacier express

hey guys im new here in yoyoexpert so i just wanna say hello :D. the thing is that i have a purple summit but i just sell it for 80 bucks i really love that beast but i want to try a new throw. but now i really miss the summit and i want a new one so what you recommend, a summit, or a glacier express(fools gold)

A summit will rock any Fools Gold.

Get another summit, BVM2, or any A grade non FG CLYW.

A FG is a B grade with either Vibe, or ano flaws.

A glacier express is good. But a FG-Summit…

Summit all the way!

what about a non fg glacier express?

I have both, I like the summit more.

Glacier Express- I just didn’t like the feel of the Summit.

Glacier Express. Summit felt incredibly “Meh”

Not really, I rather play my FG chief, ava or puffin before a retail summit.

Bvm2? when did he ask about that?

Nobody asked

That run of glacier express is pacticularily viby (at least the one I played.) I never saw any FG summit, nor did the OP mention one…

So I advise skipping this run of the fools gold glacier express (unless you dont mind vibe) and get that summit, or maybe try something new, like an arctic circle…

Summit > Glacier Express, IMO

Both felt “Meh” to me, though they aren’t bad by any stretch.

Depends on preference. I enjoy the summit more.

To each his own.

Bro. Seriously?

Summit-FG means summit is generally better than a FG.

You obviously don’t think extra detail in a post is important. Good luck mah friend.

When someone asks about a yoyo, and another one.

Why not recommend a few that are the same price and just as good? Maybe he really finds out the BvM2 is a better fit for his preference…

You just said- no one asked about a bVm2. And you just mentioned ARTIC CIRCLE. Hey dude, he didn’t ask about a Arctic Circle!

Don’t point out what i did wrong and do the same thing you scolded me for.

And even if the OP didn’t mention a fG summit. Why would you care if i recommended it??

And last. This makes me mad!

I mention what a FG is so he knows a Summit A grade is Generally better than a FG (b-grade)…

So why say “no one asked?”

Thats stupid and ill say it straight to your face.

No one asked for your opinion about my rather more descriptive and informative post… Did anyone? NO!

Don’t become what i was. You are on the track…

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Now i understand why maddog ;D ;D. Im just kidding :P. But the problem is that if i buy another summit i will only buy the summit. And if i buy the FG glaciar express i will also buy a yeti. So im thinking in buying the FG glacier express and the summit :slight_smile:

No. Im not really a Mad Dog. I can be happydog-Madkitty it all depends.

But people can be Sooo Anoyying. Don’t ya think his post was kind of mean?

I did give you extra info.


If you can




Any of those combos would be awesome ESPECIALLY the Summit and Yeti

Yeah it was kind of mean. But i cant afford both yeti and summit because i only have $125 :-\ and the FG GE is $75 and the yeti $40 (i think)

When it comes down to deciding it’s all about your personal preference. When you ask all of us your just finding answers based on what we like to use and prefer. Something to keep in mind though is that fools gold hole their value very well and it should most likely be a quick sell to then get a summit if you weren’t happy with your decision. Also I’m guessing there isn’t a way that you can try both out at a club or contest?

Sadly no there isnt any yoyo club or contest in costa rica :-\ but i think ill buy the FG because i want to try something new and also its cheaper ;D. And i can afford the yeti (only if i buy the FG GE)9

Good choice!