Delete please...sold

I have a CLYW marmot great condition! One small scuff which is pictures im just looking for something new, primarily wanna trade for CLYW but also interested in money. PM me and offer away!

You should also mention that it’s a Fools Gold.


How did Chris mark these as FG in this run? (unless I’m blind and they did the pick axes, and I don’t see them here)

First pic at the very left corner

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Whoops! So sorry! I thought I was bumping my own post.

^Good eye though

I don’t even know what fools gold means guys, sorry. I’m newer to this yoyoimg thing. All I know is this throw is 1 of 20 in the colorway

One bump a day. And FG (Fools gold) means it has anoflaws and/or a small vibe. It is marked by those pickaxe engravings that just happened to be the one part that didn’t show up in the pics.

I haven’t bumped. I let them know that i didn’t know.I thought the pixaxes were the company having the logo on it i was unaware. I asked the guy i got it from though and he says it’s an ano flaw and i guess it’s just the because it has a silvery luster to it.

I hope the guy sold this yoyo to you for the price of a FG and not a regular if you bought it. The fact that you’re saying you have no idea what fools gold is makes me think that it wasn’t in the description or he didn’t tell you about. This yoyo should sale for around 30% lower, give or take, than a normal production yoyo. I just hate to see someone new to the scene get ripped off. Of course you could just be trying to get over on someone but I really don’t think that’s the case.

Im the guy who he got it from and yes I told him it was fools gold. The reason it’s fools gold is because there is a couple of ano flaws, for example in the first pic look at the inner circle and you will see it fades to silver. but it plays smooth and no he didn’t get ripped off the trade was for a gnarwhal with some vibe and a ding.

still looking to sell/trade this?