My avalanche has pick axes on the rims does that mean it’s a b grade?

Yes. CLYW actually refers their b grade yo-yos as “fools gold”.

From what I hear, the majority are “fools gold” for anno flaws only, with only some having any actual play-wise defects. Though I’ve never owned a CLYW, this is just based on what I read here on the forums.

I have limited experience with FG CLYW but the one FG I have owned was a Chief that was as close to death smooth as I’ve ever owned on a CLYW with no ano flaws I could find. I have no doubt that some have more issues than others but from my experience and what I’ve read about the experience of others, FG CLYW is an absolute bargain. I was scared to buy my first one but would never hesitate to do so again in the future.

Avalanches have generally had the pick axes in the cups. The Sasquatch and marmot had them on the rims (maybe puffin 2 also). I would love pictures of cups and profile of this here avalanche.
Fools gold could be for several reasons such as anodizing flaws, subtle vibe or even machining problems.

It’s a fools gold, the comeback Ava’s have that marking for fools gold, the originals was down in the cup. My salt an pepper come back fools gold has them on the rims. And it’s a fg for vibe, but that doesn’t bother me, it is still a fun throw