Hey guys what’s a CLYW “fools gold?” Like what does that mean about a yoyo that was classified that? And also how much is a CHIEF that’s fools gold worth? It’s 28 stories color way and has a fee scratches?

fools gold means it came from the clyw as a b-grade item. b-grade items are considered inferior to full price release items. there are many reasons an item might be labeled as b-grade, some minor vibe or anno flaws, I’ve never purchased a fools gold from clyw but from what I hear most of them are just as good as a regular production release. I have no idea on prices other than it should be less than a regular release but might rise in price if it’s a more rare release of throw/colorway.

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A ‘Fools Gold’ CLYW is one that Chris/Steve wasn’t quite happy with passing off as worthy to be sold to the general public. In general this is because of one of two things:

  1. Anodisation flaws
  2. Vibe (see video above)

The great thing about FG’s is that they’re fantastic bargains. Chris is so particular about shipping out smooth throws that some of the FG’s I own (like my 2 BVM2’s), could easily have been passed off as A grades to me and I never would have noticed.

In fact, with the Bear .vs. Man 2’s, I’m genuinely a little surprised that they were passed off as fools golds. Sure there is a TINY bit of vibe (barely noticeable), but I’ve had a lot worse from throws that have been passed off as A grades. Still, if it means getting a top quality CLYW for half price… I’m not going to complain.  :wink:

That being said, the resale value of FG’s isn’t as high as standard CLYW’s, obviously. I’m no good at valueing throws, but there are plenty of people on here who are, so I’ll let them handle it.

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Generally a fools gold Chief could be sold for about $60. Since yours is 28 stories though, i bet you could get $80-$90 for it. That’s just my estimation.

Nah 28 stories doesn’t carry a premium these days unless it’s one of the original 28 stories runs with the bright colors.

I have 2 Fool’s Gold myself, they’re amazing! Vibe? What vibe? My Gnarwhal has some minor ano flaw but my Wooly 2, I’m still trying to see what’s even wrong with it other than a minor ding I put in it.

Ok, if there is any vibe, it’s very minimal. Honestly, it’s enough to tell me that it’s still spinning and I can feel how much more spin it has left before it dies out :slight_smile: