Whats Fool Gold?

What’s the difference between Clyw fools gold and normal Clyws?

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fools gold is like b grade


For CLYW - Fools gold refers to B grade products. There is some manufacturing flaw in the finish or some other aspect of the product. Other companies may just call the “B grade”.

If you buy a fools gold CLYW that means you basically bought a b grade. They typically have small ano flaws or small vibe.

The normal ones don’t.

You can identify a fools gold by finding the engraving of the CLYW logo. The normals ones don’t have that.

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Btw yes I know double post

How do you get fools gold? Also thank you for doing this post. ;D

Lol I thought you were really asking what Fools Gold was… the mineral… >.<

They used to be sold here, but now you can only get them from CLYW’s website, and some other online stores. Also, I don’t believe anyone mentioned that Fool’s Gold CLYW yoyos cost less (because of the ano flaws and/or vibe).

Usually the anodization flaw.
Very rarely nowadays do they have vibe problems.

You can get them directly from the CLYW store… when it reopens.