What is Fools Gold Run

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It is when CLYW gets a batch of throws with some vibe. Due to this vibe, these throws are sold at a lower price

all the yoyos made in a yoyo run chris says doesn’t fit in due to vibe, anno, etc
other companies dothis also like b grades,nqps,glitches, and flaw to love
helps get rid of yoyos that don’t play to makers content

Its pretty much in between your normal b grade and an A grade

Ano flaws =/= vibe

No, it’s considered a B-grade.

Fool’s Gold CLYWs are return tops that did not come out perfect, so Chris sells them at a cheaper price. They either have flaws in the anodization or a hint of vibe. Chris is extremely picky so you’re not likely to notice that much of a difference between a Fool’s Gold and a regular A-grade.

“Fool’s Gold” is CLYW’s branding of “b-grade.”

B-grades started in around 2007 when YoYoFactory started selling their factory rejects for really cheap. It was a great system because the yo-yos were like $20-50, but most of them had pretty distinctive vibe, and were unsellable otherwise. They were all solid colors, so the anno flaws were highly visible as well.

Today, CLYW’s b-grades serve a slightly different function, at least in my eyes. I’ve never seen a Fool’s Gold CLYW that was in any way inferior to its full price counterpart. There may be anno flaws, but the splash anno colorways usually camouflage them out of existence. And the vibe is negligible to nonexistent. These yo-yos are designated as “lower value” at Chris’s subjective standard, which seems to be a Fascist regime compared to how most people grade their yo-yos. A $70 yo-yo is really closer to a beginner metal then a “factory reject” price. The way I see it, Fool’s Gold yo-yos are just as good as the Full Gold versions, the only difference is that Fool’s Gold yo-yos don’t have nearly the same resale value. It’s a scalping protection program.

Just my theory…

Just an FYI - A flawed ano job does not cause vibe.

Sorry to misinform anyone

Took the words out of my mouth. The FG CLYW are either vibey, or ano flawed, possibly both, but one is not caused by the other. In the most recent run the faded colorways were too faded for Chris’s tastes, so he marked them FG for ano flaws, not because of vibe, or because of vibe from the ano flaws.


My fg avalanche is as smooth as the general-yos ive had. Looks like I didnt get “ill vibes” yoyo enhancement :-\ oh darn

you should contact Chris.You got ripped. I wouldnt be able to deal with it if I were you.