Fools Gold?


How have your experiences been with Fools Gold CLYWs? How do they compare to the “real thing” or thee A-Grades?


Perfect. I currently have two FG avalanches and one of them plays better than the 3 other avalanches I’ve owned. My roommate’s favorite throw is his FG arctic circle and FG avalanche. I’ve also had a FG chief and wooly. The chief was just as good as any of my other chiefs, 3. The wooly wasn’t really my style to begin with but it still played nice. Most FG are FG due to ano flaws, and lets be honest, yoyos are meant to be played with and they get dings.


My A grade chief is actually vibey… Odd.


All of the Fools Gold avalanches that I have had actually play better than the A grade avalanches I’ve had. Yes you could definitly tell the diffrence in smoothness but they played lighter and faster with the same spin time. It has been true for all 3 of my FG avalanches vs. my 3 A grade avalanches.

Both of my chiefs are dead smooth though and they are A grade, they are also the light version at 65g. All of my sasquatches have been smooth and all of my gnarwhals…all 6 of my sasquatches and all 7 of my gnarwhals with the exception of the one I had from the last run of gnarwhals.


I loooooove my fg avalanche. It does have vibe, buut the only time I really notice it is when I do grinds. It out plays my grade A Canvas, mainly because the Canvas isnt my style. But yeah, I’d say snatch one. You wont be disappointed. Chris wouldnt sell something with the CLYW logo thats crap lol


My fg Arctic Circle is one of my favorite throws. Mine has a minor, but noticeable, vibe. Nothing that affects play.

The huge price drop between the fg and the “a-grade” seems crazy to me because of how good mine plays. I guess Chris is really picky about what he makes and sells.


I have a FG Mischief Chief, and it plays great. What makes it FG: (1) It just has a super-miniscule vibe that you’ll notice if you hold your fingernail to it on a sleeper (Jason Wong’s vibe test). You’ll hear a slight ringing. But it’s strangely, it’s smooth on grinds. (2) It has some pinpricks beneath the ano.

I also have a FG Canvas that’s ridiculously smooth. It’s FG because it has an ano flaw in the schmoove ring.

Both were specially hand-picked for me by Nick.

To be honest, what they say is true. You never know what you’re getting with FG/B-Grades/NQPs, but it helps to ask/email someone about what piece you’re thinking of buying. I’m more than satisfied from my experiences with FG products. For instance, when getting my FG Mischief, I asked Nick to pick out the smoothest one he had for me. He was more than happy to do it for me, and I was very happy with his choice.

EDIT: Just realized I missed part 2 of the OP’s question. There’s a slight difference between A-grade and FG products, but only for the very, very picky (Chris has high standards). If you plan on getting a CLYW and plan on giving it “proper” play and don’t care about very minuscule cosmetic things, get one. It’s a great deal.


My A-Grade Avalanche has ano flaws but is smooth as butter. I haven’t tried any FG but hope to soon.


My fools gold second run Peak is amazing. It has a small ano-flaw but is otherwise one of my smoothest throws. Chris has high quality products. Period.