FG Avalanche Arguement

So, I saved my money for the past three weeks for I can buy an FG Avalanche. I ask my dad if he would buy the yoyo for me if I paid him for it. He said that I shouldn’t get it because CLYW literally says that the Avalanche is defective. Can anyone help me counter with this for I can surely convince him that it’s a good choice ( he says he’ll still buy it for me),or if you agree with him, can you explain why? All comments will be accounted for. Please and thank you!
P.S. -He has been throwing for 20 or so years

Tell him it can be fixed (says that on CLYW site) or tell him its something that won’t really affect the yoyo they just want to put out high quality products so they are selling it cheaper

Well clyw is so good that a little vibe is still better then a lot of company’s a grade. Trust me its a GREAT yoyo and no clyw will disappoint. If I where you i would get it. Hope this helps.

I own two FG avalanches one of them from the new run and I can say that they play excellent. It’s like buying a fancy sports car vs a regular commuter car. Both will get you where you want to go just one will be a bit more luxurious.

They technically are a tiny bit defective and as they can’t be sold at a full price but it’s not like they’re unplayable… I love my FG throws as much as I love my non-FG ones. Player makes the yoyo, not the other way around. Plus if a FG has vibe it’s so minimal it doesn’t affect play. And ano defects are all aesthetic so… Anyway, all the FG’s I’ve ever owned were smooth (in my standards anyway). I love my FG Puffin to bits!

“What’s vibe?” “It’s like a yoyo inhancement”
So, fools golds are better.(according to chuck)

If no one told me my FG Avalanche was FG I wouldn’t guess it was FG… I can barely feel any vibe.

I like to think about it this way, say you have a apple farm, in the fall you harvest your apples, some are perfect and you sell them for full price, and then there are some that have blemishes or scratches. You can’t sell them for full price so you sell them for a bit less, maybe for juicing or apple pie. They still are perfectly good yoyos, but they have a few imperfections.

Hope this helps


comparing apples to yoyos might as well put an orange in there.lol jk

It’s not defective, it just has a bit more vibrations than normal avalanches do. Really it’s just a slight error in manufacturing (no offense to the manufacturers you guys rock!) that gives them a slight imperfection. No big deal really, I still use mine that I snagged last year at Christmas and It works perfectly fine. If anything it gives it character that it has some minor flaw to it. They still perform like you would expect any CLYW to perform, outstandingly!

It is much like getting a car from a dealer that had a hail storm. They discount all of the cars even those that may be in perfect working order. Show him a full blown retail priced CLYW and I think his decision will be easier.

Mine is still en-route from Alberta, but from what I hear the FGs are practically indistinguishable from the normal ones without extremely close inspection. Personally, I like thing with slight imperfections because they’re a bit more unique. I like to think of the FG Avalanche as just a special edition. When I was a lot younger, I was really into gem collecting. At one gem shop, they had this sweet egg-shaped piece of smoky quartz which I got for free because it had a tiny chip in it. To this day it’s probably my favorite thing in that collection.

I would get it. You can PM Chris or YYE and ask how defective is it. Or what is the defect?

I should, and Chris should actually be PM’ing me,I’m supposed to be doing an essay about him! And thanks everyone for commenting,my dad should be steered in the right direction…

Or you could show him the FG videos that Jensen and Charles Made

An FG Avalanche just means it has a little vibe. I guarantee most of his throws are not perfectly smooth. I think paying half the money for a yoyo that works just as well is a very thrifty idea.

Tell him the only problem with getting an FG Avalanche, is having to wait 3 weeks for shipping.

I’m in Chicago and I got mine in about a week. The shipping isn’t necessarily that bad.

Also, the Fool’s Gold is value added because of those SWEET engravings. I might be biased, though. :wink:

Thanks! I live about an hour away from Chicago,so I kinda now how long I have to wait

We love Ill Vibes so much…

munch What’s vibe? munch
“Like, a yoyo enhancement…”

Love that video.