FG Avalanche Arguement

No,the best line from that was " It’s a box", but does anyone have any other suggestions?

Yeah that’s definitely the best, but "what’s vibe was just the first thing that came to mind in relation to this thread.

Considering you are getting an Avalanche, one of the best return-tops made. At half the price, the vibe is so slight and it has the cool engraving. I’ve got 6 Avalanche and I got two of these And I’m playing the fg more:-). Totally worth it.

The only explanation you need is the actual one.

The yoyo is totally playable. CLYW’s standards for an A-grade are nothing less than pure perfection, not because things like perfect anno or absolutely vibe-less spin are at all necessary for play, but simply because people are paying a ton for their yoyos and CLYW needs to justify that price. A-grade CLYW quality is far, far, far beyond what anyone would actually need.

A slightly vibey Avalanche is still a better yoyo than 90% of the stuff out there. At the price they’re selling these for, it’s an absolute bargain if the buyer is simply looking for a yoyo to play with.

This is going to be the longest, most mind wrenching week of my life, each day will be spent checking that darn tracking until this yoyo shows up at my door.

It’s a conspiracy! Make a run of a top model yoyo, but with almost imperceptible vibe and cool graphics to get us hooked on CLYW and wondering if this FG Avalanche is their B-grade?!?!, I wonder how awesome their A-grade yoyos are! ;D

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Honestly the FG’s avalanche plays just as good as A grades on the string, maybe the only thing you will notice is on finger/palm grinds, but who really cares anyways.

Save yourself the money and get a FG!

You’re a FOOL if you don’t ;D

I can’t detect the vibe. Certainly almost any given throw by me will induce more vibe than the yoyo itself. It’s the best value for a major-name yoyo I’ve ever come across, seriously. The “vibe” is like the distant twinkling of a dying star, if you can even feel it. Certainly many other companies would still put these out as “A” grade.

Hear hear.

I got one on the way as soon as they came back from pwnr. I can’t justify dropping 130-140 on a yoyo, not yet anyways, and this will let me get a glimpse at clyw and how they play.

Get it, and let your dad try it, that’s what I say!

Thanks everyone, I think I might have him convinced. So many people have been trying to help, even Chris helped me out!

I just picked up a new FG Ava and I can’t detect any vibe at all…Maybe it’s because it’s purple and purple yoyo’s are awesome and immune to vibe :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, I do not see any defects whatsoever and it plays amazingly. Heck, for the price you may as well buy 2 and keep one mint and use the other as a pocket throw to have on the go that you don’t care if it scratches or dings. I highly recommend picking one up! Good luck convincing your dad.

Compared to my other caribou lodge throws I’d say it plays 95% as good. The ano is super slick, and the engraving is a nice touch. I hope you get one man its a killer yoyo for a great deal

Can we all agree that CLYW is an amazing company? Chris answered my email in like 5 minutes, and answered all the questions I had. I love companies that keep their patrons close.

Technically, FG is defective, as the definition of “defective” itself is “Imperfect or faulty”.

However, they certainly are worth the money.

fools gold (or any b grade insignia) means nothing it is a laser engraving that means that a yoyo isnt PERFECT. Many Agrades have things wrong with them that go unnoticed so there really is no difference sometimes. Even if it is a little vibey or has an ano flaw you must remember that usualy it will play exactly the same as a Agrade.