I just ordered a fg puffin. The description said that the yoyoa have a little bit of vibe and that he is just picky. I haven’t used a fg too and I’m not even sure if I’ve used a yoyo with vibe. I’ve had some pretty beat up yoyos that were in terrible condition. If those had vibe I probably got used to it and didn’t notice. For anyone who has had experience with fg clyw’s, is the vibe on them noticeable or do most people not notice it unless they are trying feel it?
Also if you guys could share your opinions on how they play compared to the non fg ones that would be great

So i guess i got my answers and this thread seems somewhat popular so ill just leave it as a “Share Your Fools Gold yoyos” thread. You guys can go ham and ask questions if you will.


I own and have owned several FG CLYW throws. The vibe that’s there (if at all) is usually only enough to hear (not feel) when running a fingernail against a spinning yoyo. The absolute worst I’ve ever had was no worse than the regular vibe felt on a plastic yoyo.

You should be just fine


I honestly feel better about throwing FG clyw over the A grades lol I wish FGs were more readily available cause I would buy FG over A grade any day lol


If you do purchase a FG, do so with confidence. Never heard of the vibe being so bad it causes the return top to be responsive or unable to grind. I’ve owned two, one for vibe and one for an ano flaw. You really won’t be disappointed, especially for the price.


It won’t have much vibe at all. Like the 28 stories Chiefs didn’t have any vibe Chris just thought the ano was to faded


My FG ava from the last batch is my main throw. It’s really smooth and fun! Dont worry!

That’s why I ordered a FG chief and FG AC for 130 as soon as I saw the drop yesterday!
So happy!


most FG’s(clyw) glitches(gsquared) arnt that bad… some are olny there for ano flaw… which imo is worth a 20+ discount on some still great products… on the other hand some yyf bgrades can get pretty bad so you have to really tune them up :slight_smile: either way if it didnt work at all companies wouldnt sell it lol so the gamble isnt that bad


I have a few FGs and the vibe certainly isn’t enough to affect play. If you’re really sensitive to vibe or if you do a fingernail test you’d probably notice it, but if you’re used to well loved dinged up yoyos I can’t imagine it’d bother you.

You can rest assured your Puffin will play basically on par with an A-grade and has a cool engraving to boot.


I’ve heard that fg clyw’s are just fine, and that they are just really picky about vibe. I’m trying to convince my parents to let me get a cliff.


The FG CLYWs are one of the best deals out there! Very little vibe plus cool engraving. I’ve never been disappointed with a Fools Gold.


I picked up an FG Chief a few months back. I still can’t find the flaw.


I’ve thrown several FG CLYW’s and I can’t say anything negative about any of them except 1 that just so happened to have had a bad bearing put in it. I chalk that up to “stuff happens”. I found them to be pretty much as smooth as a “regular” CLYW. Yes, some did have a teeny bit of vibe, but nothing that would prevent me from enjoying the yoyo in any way as I don’t obsess about vibe unless it’s bad.

I currently don’t own any FG CLYW’s. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to. The prices are SO tempting!!

I like the pick-axe graphic CLYW uses. They had that on some Canvas return tips. That looked AWESOME!! In fact, to me, that looked better than some of the other graphics and stuff they’d done on the Canvas. Unfortunately, those sold out before I could snap one up.

For tiny bits of vibe(maybe) and ano flaws you might not notice, these are deals worth checking out. I have no hesitation with recommending FG’s to people who want CLYW but want to save money.


I grabbed a 28 stories chief and a hulk smash blizzard puffin. I had a fg Ava previously. It had three pinprick ano spots and was as smooth as silk. Looking forward to the new throws.


I’ve wanted a Cliff for a little while, so I went ahead and picked up a Saskatoon Blizzard. I hope the vibe is as minimal as people say it is. (For some reason I’m super paranoid about vibe, even though (1) it’s not like I’m so good that vibe (or lack thereof) really affects my play, and (2) to be perfectly honest I’m not even sure what vibe is.)


I had a fools gold wooly marmot and there was a little bit of a pulsating vibe on grinds, but smooth on the string. If it really bothers you, you could always try putting teflon tape on the axle.


Yay! I ordered a cliff, which I’ve wanted since they dropped, but I thought I would never get one because of the price. Luckily this deal came along! :smiley:

(SR) #17

I kind of want to get a FG Cliff. Seems like a pretty good deal.


I was sooo excited when the dropped last night. I was set on getting a Chief (as far as I’ve heard it’s a pretty amazing throw). However, the only colorway left at the time was the faded 28 stories, which means I can’t hold it up in one hand and do a shaka sign with my other while hollering “ILL VIBES DUDE!!”. I have my FG Ava for that though, and the faded version looks pretty amazing (probably would have picked it anyway).


If you don’t like ill trade u for it! I bet u won’t want to after you try it!


The Cliff is one awesome throw. I already had one of those and really wanted a puffin so I picked up one of the fools gold. At $75 it’s just a steal for some CLYW. I bought a FG Sasquatch way back when for ano flaws. I honestly think Chris is crazy for making it a FG. Not complaining though. Chris’s pickiness gets you some good deals sometimes.