Is the clyw avalanche fools gold good

I found a deal on one can anyone tell me if its any good plz help

Well, it DOES have an enhancement…

theDunce replied to me regarding a question about vibe present in FG Avas:

Other than the bit of vibe, which may be tune-able, it’s an Avalanche. :wink:

I still would like more help and more about plz help I will need help no matter how replays I get

If this is what you want to know, then here:

It spins long, 1 min+
Its cheaper than a normal ava and only has a slight vibration.
It has some kick@#$% engravings.
I like yoyos.

I’ve been playing one all week. It is excellent. I would get one if I didn’t spend up my yoyo money for the next while.

If they’re all like the one I’ve been playing, it’s a slam dunk no-brainer.

CLYW are notorious for being picky about vibe. It’s not like it wobbles or vibes noticeably. It’s pretty dang smooth in my opinion.

Unless your throw is absolutely perfectly straight every single time, it’s not going to be any vibier (is that even a word?) than any other yoyo. Super comfortable shape, eats up all tricks with ease, and plays at a medium-fast pace. My one tiny gripe is that the snow tire response takes a while to break in and runs a little too grippy for my taste but that’s not a huge issue.