CLYW vibe, YYR vibe, etc?

Every single CLYW throw, with the exception of the Gnarwhal has been over the top smooth.
same with the YYR throws i have used, all have been stupid smooth.

I feel like to often people say, “Plays beautiful, has the normal CLYW vibe”.

I think people do this to make their throw more appealing, like instead of saying, “yeah, my is vibey” they disguise it by saying, “normal CLYW/YYR vibe”


Well every yoyo has some sort of vibe. I think that people say “clyw vibe” because it’s a unique vibe that only clyw yoyo’s have, not that they’re disguising it or anything.

Almost every single A grade YYR throw that I’ve owned this far (20+) were perfectly smooth, some out of the box, some after a little bit of tuning. The only two ones that I didn’t manage to get smooth enough were my Overdrive and my Blink.

I’ve had sleipnirs from different runs and they are totally smooth.
the CLYW vibe I think only applies to peaks and even then it can be tuned out.

I think CLYW vibe is referring to older CLYW yoyos, and I mean like the first runs they put out. I have even tried a few first run gnarwhals that are even smoother than the runs today so I think it may just be the peaks witch did have a CLYW vibe to them.

All the YYR that I have used and owned have been extreamly smooth.

i have found that some yyr do have this vibe but none of my clyws have ever had a vibe

I think CLYW vibe is an unnecessary term. It is referring to the vibe on grinds found in older CLYW yoyos. But i think most every yoyo has vibe on grinds… Not all but most. Specifically for CLYW this may be because the axles aren’t glued into the yoyos, but then again I don’t really know.
Yoyorecreation yoyos are precise, and when you unscrew them they sometimes get vibe. There is a warning about this on most websites when you buy one. It can be tuned of course, but for those who don’t know how its a good warning.

Solid Gold Dancer is incredibly smooth…

There was one run of Peaks that had a significant amount of vibration before the second run, the original 28 Stories and that was from a machining error(one of the best Peaks you’ll ever play though, I promise).

People love the FHZ. It has tons of vibe. Why worry about vibe?

i don’t worry about vibe AT ALL, my fav throw is a vibey when not tuned correctly AC, and i don’t tune it correctly because i enjoy some vibe in a throw, it gives that throw much character.

Funny thing to, my FHZ is one of the smoother throws of my collection. like really, it is super duper smooth.

Of the CLYW’s I’ve thrown (Chief, AC, FG Canvas, FG Chief) they have all been smooth to the point that they feel non-existent spinning on the string.

As far as vibe goes yyr warns you that there will be vibe when it is unscrewed. That kinda goes for any yoyo, once it’s screwed its not “factory set” so to say. I mean anyone can say there’s vibe but calling it ‘typical’ is kinda ignorant, not to sound rude. If you take the yoyo out of the box, string it up without screwing the yoyo, and throw it there shouldn’t be any vibe. If there is try out the finger test if the yoyo evens out it’s your throw if not it’s some defect.

Have you noticed:

  1. Someone gets a new yo, “It’s smooth as buttah.”
  2. Shows up on the bst…“Has the usual vibe.”
  3. Same person gets a new yoyo, “It’s smooth as buttah.”
  4. Shows up on the bst…“Has the usual vibe.”
  5. Monkey see, Monkey do! Yep now most everyone does it.

Doesn’t make any sense? Sure it does. Vibe is so subjective, unless it’s a vibe monster, people that are happy with the smoothness know that someone else will claim to be so much more sensitive, finding the same minimal vibe unacceptable. Claiming there is the normal vibe allows the individual to share/trade/sell the yo without appearing to be dishonest.

Vibe…meh…I’m ready for something new to think about.

some more than others. I don’t think about it much as a player because it doesn’t have ‘any’ effect whatsoever on the play of the yoyos. None of them Wobble; they just vibe here and there.

I was really surprised at my 2 Messiahs and 2 Sleipnirs. I would have thought that even by just ‘good luck’ that I would get one out of 4 that had zero or close to it vibe? < Ya think? Not happening; haha.

But as a 15+ year Yoyo Modder, the vibes surprise me. If I turned out a modded yoyo that vibed like some of my Higher end metal stuff; I would know I was not done modding them yet or that I had screwed up something.

I especially don’t get the YYR statement about Precision yoyos that might vibe somewhat if or after they are taken apart and put back together again? WTF is that; lol. Ok; buy a yoyo for 185 bucks and just never take it apart… ok?

But every one of my CLYW and YYR yoyos is very fun an functional to/for me. I love em all.

People are waaaaay too anal about little vibes in alot of yoyos.

I am not trying to justify vibe. Most makers should shoot for zero vibe. And every makers’ yoyos may vary even from yoyo to yoyo as to the amount of vibe. < Not a tragic thing… Just throw the damn yoyos and quit holding them up to your fingernail.

Trust me; I don’t let it bother me. And I am very precise in my Custom stuff. I aim for No Vibe.

But then again I am not making hundreds of yoyos. I can spend All day working on one single yoyo; so I better get it right.

Have fun throw yoyos. Spend little time looking for perfection.

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I love the fingernail reference. I don’t even notice vibe unless I see the string moving rapidly. Then I just keep going. Vibe = something to talk about on the interwebs.

I think this is what they mean by CLYW vibe


i know if i ever used the term thats exactly what i would mean ^^^

Chris that is awesome man!!!

I’ve never thrown a CLYW that has vibe.

I haven’t played a peak though.

That is because the vibe is essentially not present, in any capacity to hinder play, anyway. People are just too worried about their yoyos being dead smooth today.