YYR/CLYW/High end yoyo vibe.


What exactly do people mean when they say CLYW vibe. Is it somehow different from other vibe.


I think people are referring to a particular level of vibe. In the case of CLYW vibe, it’s a barely noticeable level of vibe.



But people always seem to say it as if it is something to expect. I always thought CLYW made pretty much vibe free yoyos, but then sometimes there are things like “the usual Peak vibe” in the description. I think I’m just confuddling myself.


No yoyo is ever completely 100% vibe free. Even if it’s just 1 millionth of a millimetre off on one side, it will vibe but it’s just so small we can’t feel it.



Peaks and some early CLYWs had vibe. But only early ones. Some say CLYW vibe is a myth used to disguise viby yoyos. Others disagree.


We’re dealing with two high spinning discs, and no matter how precise the machines are, there will be some issues. Vibe is a fact of life in yoyo. The bigger concerns are:
Do we notice it? It may be too slight to notice, but trust me, it’s there.
Does it affect play? This varies from person to person. And yes, it CAN if it’s really bad.
Do we care? If the vibe is barely noticeable, then it doesn’t affect play, and therefore we don’t really care. The main thing is that it doesn’t affect play, but people are different.

YYJ kind of has a “signature vibe” on their metal/plastics and plastics. Not much, it’s there, you can feel it, but it’s not going to bother you unless you’re the obsessive kind.

CLYW has a very slight vibe, as does One Drop, which can range from “smooth as glass” to “I can barely notice it”. This is where most of the good stuff is anyways, right in that range. Due to the inconsistencies of the Peaks though, especially the 2nd run, vibe varies. I have 2 2nd Run Peaks, and one has a touch of vibe and the other is smooth. My more “current” CLYW’s seem to be very smooth though. All my One Drops are super smooth.

What people are often meaning is “nothing out of the ordinary for this brand”. We have to keep our expectations reasonable. But even so, my $70 Freq. Wave, for example, is extremely smooth, and so is my $50 CalStates version DiBase. That’s just a few examples. My PSG and Asteroid vibe a bit, nothing that prevents me from enjoy them though, but hey, we’re talking not even $20. Even me $28 Token is pretty darn smooth.


Basically what everyone else already said, it might have a tiny amount of vibration that doesnt affect the play in any way what so ever, but its there.

You most likely saw this phrase on BST forum, when people say “it might have an ever so slight CLYW vibe” or whatever. Basically translates to “At times there might be a vibration if you are LOOKING for it just spinning a sleeper, trying to find something wrong with it, but if you do NORMAL tricks with it instead of just throw a sleeper you wont notice anything, [i]so if you are EXTREMELY PICKY and complain if you feel the ever so slightest bit of anything (might even be due to their slightly imperfect throwing technique) and consistantly LOOK for it then I have listed it here already and you cant complain and say that I wasnt telling the truth about the play ability.”

Any yoyos that I have gotten that list something like “a slight amount of CLYW vibe” (doesnt even have to be a brand name, could be “factory vibe” aka “This is how it played when I bought it brand new, it passed inspection, plays perfectly for tricks but if you look hard enough you might be able to find an imperfection”) they all play top notch and are very smooth.

I have been lucky so far and only dealt with really cool, nice, and chill people on this forum for Buying and Trades but there are a fair share of extremely picky and anal people on here that will complain if it was listed as having “2 minor scratches” and they examine the yoyo w a magnifying glass and find 3 scratches, the “extra scratch” was almost microscopic and the seller honestly didnt notice it, but the buyer STILL complains about it. That is kind of what I mean.

So I cant speak for anyone else but the reason I would list a yoyo as having "Insert Brand Name Vibe" is to save myself from super super picky anal people who will LOOK for imperfections, if the yoyo isnt 100% smooth on every single throw but came that way, and exceeds the very reputable company standards.



Ok, now I understand.


I read on another store’s site that YYR yoyos sometimes vibe after being unscrewed and that YYR yoyos aren’t designed to spin elegantly or smoothly, but are designed soley for performance.


I think I know the store you’re speaking of. I’ve owned 4 YYR and they’ve all been silky smooth and sublimely balanced out of the box.