"Some vibe, though not enough to affect play"


I see alot of people writing this on their BST’s. The majority of my “collection” have vibe. Some very few have no feelable vibe at all. And i’m ok with that. I’m thinking that as long as there are no visible vibe (wobble), it wont affect play. Though it may seem like some use this as a safety-net when selling their yoyos. What do you think about this? How much vibe is required to affect play, in your opinion?


Personal opinion…

Most yoyos have some vibe. It’s inherent in the design. A lot of the vibe issue is due to the throw.
People obsess about this.


I actually like feeling small vibe so i know what going on with the throw, not where its visible though. I also think it depends alot on how you throw it, what kind of bearing, if the bearing is old or new, if you use lube or not and thin or thick.


A lot of my recent throws have no discernable vibe. Pretty much every new Spyy, One Drop, and CLYW have been smooth as glass once you correct for your throw with your finger and test vibe properly. In my experience at least, it’s not that rare anymore.

But, I also think the statement being discussed is valid if used properly. Some throws have a slight vibe that is feelable through the string, but does not affect grinds or really anything about the throw. Most plastics vibe in this way. If that’s the case, it should be stated just so the buyer knows what to expect.

Other throws have real, legit vibe. The kind of vibe where it looks as if the yoyo is changing shape when looked at while spinning. This can affect play. It affects grinds to the point where they almost can’t be done, and the string vibe can be incredibly distracting when spread between your hands, like in trapeze or double or nothing. I had an anti yo that vibed so hard in double or nothing I could feel it in my bones up to my elbows. That is a major problem and does “affect play”, not to mention how it might actually affect the performance of the yoyo in terms of stability and spin time.


When does vibe become wobble?

If I can see it, I call it wobble. If I can just feel it, it’s vibe.




All wobble is vibe…but not all vibe is wobble. I don’t trust that everyone will make the distinction in these terms, so addressing whether vibe affects play is still relevant, to me.

There’s also some ambiguity even within this. The anti yo from my post didn’t really have much visible wobble, but even Andre himself agreed that the string vibe was absurd and replaced it for me.


Yeah, I always had the impression that vibe was referring to a static imbalance whereas wobble was referring to a dynamic imbalance.



I’m very sensitive about vibe, it doesn’t bother me, but I seem to be noticing even the slightest amount of it. So I can’t honestly say the yoyos I sell are all “butter smooth” because I know they aren’t to me. Even tho they are to most of my friends (all, actually)

I wouldn’t want to sell a yoyo that I find has a slight vibe, as smooth. Even tho most players will consider it smooth. The fact that I wouldn’t is enough for me to say it and be honest about it.


I’d rather you describe it that way. When it hits the hands of the buyer, they’ll already be aware what they bought into. Worse case is they find less vibe than you reported. Obviously, some of us are more sensitive to vibe than others.

Either I’m not as sensitive or more tolerant of it. If it’s not affecting play, I don’t really mind too much.