Can someone explain to me what vibe is?

So for a while now I always hear people talk about vibe on yoyos and I still don’t fully get what it is. So my skyva actually vibrates and I can see it vibrate. But when people talk about vibe does it mean when you put your finger in a grind and u can feel vibration? I just don’t really get it lol, if someone could explain that would b great.

What your skyva has is either true vibe or throw vibe. If you place your fingernail gently against the yoyo and the vibrations stop, it is throw vibe. If it keeps shaking, then it is true vibe. In my opinion, people make way to big of a deal out of vibe. If the yoyo still plays, throw on and have fun! Does this help?

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As WH0TH3MAN said, it is just the vibration of the yoyo that you feel with your finger. If you throw your skyva and touch your finger to it, and it is still visually shaking, that wobble may or may not effect play. If it doesn’t visually vibrate, than it will not effect play.

One day I want to get this stickied :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a yoyo enhancement, sort of like hubstacks.

This video describes it for you:

I used to not really care about vibe unless it affected play but people are making it a big deal nowadays like WH0TH3MAN said. It gives you this preconceived idea that every yoyo needs to be butter smooth for it to be a good yoyo, as long as it plays good vibe doesn’t really matter. Unless the yoyo is wobbly from the vibe then maybe I would start to get concerned.


Some players have been known to purposely make their yoyos have a bit of vibe by throwing the halves against a wall or something so they can feel them spinning. I don’t recommend it but it does go to show that as long as it’s not ridiculously wobbly it’s fine. Plus you can get b grade yoyos that have slight vibe for so much cheaper than smooth ones and they play just as good as the a grades. Now if you buy a brand new a grade yoyo it is nice when it is dead smooth because you know it is made with very tight tolerances and is good quality.

Name ‘players’ that throw yoyo halves against walls to give them vibe?

Name one?

Make up a name and just say the guy lives fall away so he wont admit it.

…name one person that might believe somebody would actually do that?


Skip to 6:40

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In your face!! Haha just kidding. It surprised me at first too. And what does FALL away mean? Just kidding. I didn’t make it up tho. Maybe not players plural, but there is at least one. And if he’s done it I’m sure others have.

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Nobody ever said a player can’t also be a part time Idiot. And if you believe there are more like him; then you are an Idiot too.

Haha; just kidding.

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Haha I know I’m a part time idiot. Sorry if I came across rude I really was just kidding. I meant no disrespect at all. The only reason I said in your face jokingly is because you were sorta taunting me saying I made my statement up. Again I sincerely apologize if I offended you. It is very easy to come across rude through text when I wasn’t trying to be at all.

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No problem here. I just didn’t want any of the newer forum members to start giving their yoyos character via the Wall method🤤

Toby and I are on the same page when it comes to vibe.

A little vibe is no big deal.

Vibe is over rated.

I throw vibe stuff all the time. But if I have a smooth yoyo; making it vibey is not part of the Master plan


Anyone have a tiwalker that they want me to break in for them? :wink: I have a pretty nice wall to break my yoyos in on :wink:

Kinda funny that you said that. Because I have 2 TiWalkers. And neither one of them is dead smooth.

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Did they come that way or just happen over the years?

I used to love plastics a couple years back (before I started in on the forums). The slight vibe they have gives them such a unique feel.

I hate vibe, I like my yoyos to be as smooth as possible.

*runs away before someone says anything

Nobody has a clue what vibe really is until they’ve thrown a wooden fixed axle yoyo.

This gives you some good perspective on just how smooth yoyos that are considered vibey really are.

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