What is vibe?

I would like to know what vibe is

When the yoyo vibrates.

A conservatively worded answer, but a true one.

“Vibe” is a term that throwers use to describe the vibration of a poorly tuned or damaged yoyo. If you hold the spinning yoyo and run a finger against it, you’ll feel it vibrate. If the yoyo doesn’t vibrate at all, it is termed "smooth.

Some yoyos arent smooth from the factorey i could be the machining, design, or the bearing when you throw down your yoyo let it sit at the bottom of the string and pay attention to where the string touches your throw finger and notice you can feel the vibrations on the string from the yoyo also vibe can be caused by a bad throw in which case just straighten it out and smoothen the throw with your finger this will show just the vibe from the yoyo and not your throw

The definition of Vibe changes weekly (opinion formed by reading this forum)

Lately it has been used to describe (among other things) the feel of a dry bearing and the result of a poor throw.

Generally however a lack of concentricity, roundness or balance in a yoyo creates a sensation players label a ‘vibe’ (which sometimes if bad enough can be termed a ‘wobble’).

But I could be off the mark (this week).

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If one thing were to be asked of you on this forum, it would be to proofread what you’ve written before hitting Post.

As for the topic, what Ben said. I would also add that, in addition to extremely minute variations in the yoyo halves, the ‘straightness’ of the axle also plays a part. If the axle is bent ever so slightly, that can induce vibe. Which is why a lot of axles are made out of titanium.

Jason Wong has a video up about the fingernail test, and thats what i use when deciding whether or not something vibes

Vibe is a lie!

It’s like a yoyo enhancement.

It’s like… Inner rim grinds

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vibe is the result of eating red licorice

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What is vibe?
It doesn’t hurt me…
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if you really want to know what causes vibe the two best people to Private Message would be ErnieK ( http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?action=profile;u=3049 )
or Dirty Birdy ( http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?action=profile;u=1690 aka db) who I believe isn’t very active here but is on the forums of One Drop and has a few posts there going in depth on the physics of yoyos including the effect of schmoove rings on suicides and smaller bearing-diameters effect on stability and sleep times.

I think there was also another person on YYN a long while back (I associate him with general yo, but I’m not sure if it was Mr. Kaiser or not.) who was talking about the several different ways the yoyo could vibe and was citing his experience with manufacturing motorcycle wheels.

It so much work though!! But for you lovely people of yoyoexpert i will…starting in a few minutes

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It’s a yoyo enhancement.

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