Metal yoyo vibe?

Just curious, how does metal yoyos vibe, wobble, or break? is it usually the axle or the yoyo?



Just a clue. All, Yes all yoyo’s vibe. They may feel dead smooth but not one yoyo is dead smooth.

Wobble is when the vibe is so bad you can hardly play it. More than likely brought on by severe damage.

Break is when you don’t know how to take care of your stuff.

Or when you miss a catch while doing 5a over tile floor in macy’s. :confused:
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so if a metal yoyo did not have as much vibe before and has a tiny vibe now, what could be the cause of that?

you are very vague. Maybe you should give us a little information as to what yoyo, what you did to it and how bad the vie was when you first got it.

If your yoyo makes a sound while spinning then it has vibe. Sound = vibration. My $0.02.

Well that’s totally wrong too. :confused:


Well… sounds are vibrations…

It’s not really relevant to what the op said, but…

Vibration in the air -_-

I notice you like to make statements without backing them up. So, please explain oh great yoyo master, why is it wrong? While you’re at it, explain why all yoyos have vibe and why the type of yoyo makes a difference in its vibe (see your previous post with no explanation).

we dont mean vibration as in sound waves. we mean vibration refering to the physical look of it. so, please o great physics major, refer to the proper frame of reference and not the literal definition

How about we all just shut up and go throw a yoyo?


@username; Do you mean you have a yoyo that was once pretty smooth, but now it is less smooth? If so has it hit anything or been dropped? Carried in a back pocket and sat on? Anything for us to go on to help you?

OK, to be fair I thought this was a tad harsh too. But you don’t have to call him “Oh great yoyo master”’ You could go go with “oh great yoyo modder”, or "Oh great yoyo designer, or manufacturer
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Am I going to be the first one to answer this freaking question? Jeez.

On a metal yoyo, vibe usually occurs because the yoyo is bent slightly around the response area, causing the yoyo to not be cocentric. This can occur after hitting the yoyo on the ground. This is very hard, if impossible, to fix. I’d just live with it.

The axle is usually never the issue, since steel is stronger than aluminum.

To say that, “All, Yes all yoyo’s vibe. They may feel dead smooth but not one yoyo is dead smooth” without offering an explanation is just as useless as my post, FYI. Actually, mine is slightly less useless because I gave a reason for the vibe (though my reason is short and half-witted) :wink:

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All yoyos vibe because anything that spins or has ever spun ever vibes. It is due to, sometimes microscopic, imperfections in the material or machining. Your dead smooth yoyo just has the least amount of vibration.

You guys suck at just answering questions without fighting.

and this is why we love jhb :slight_smile:

I’m not fighting. I also though I explained myself fairly well in my first post.


All yoyo’s vibe because anytime you screw two things together with a bearing (all bearings used in yoyo’s) that are a bit loose to create the unresponsive yoyo will have vibe. You will NEVER get that vibe out.

Have you ever had a yoyo that had vibe and made noise because of that vibe? Or did you just hear a bearing? I’ve had yoyo’s that vibed very badly but were dead silent. Not if we had a sound meter we could probably pick up some sound waves from it but is it that necessary? Yoyo vibrations almost never translate into sound waves due to the slow rpm. You would have to spin the yoyo up to 3 times a normal throw to get any sound out of it. That being said why don’t you take a yoyo that you know has a decent amount of vibe, place a drop or two of thin lube in the bearing to make it silent then throw it to see if yo can hear it. I bet you can’t. If you can you’d have to hold it up to your ear and who does that just to see if it’s vibrating.

I’m not some noob that spits things out to see what people will say. I’ve been modding yoyo’s for about 5 years. I have two lathes and a mill at my disposal. I know how to use them. Let’s forget the fact that I even made my own run of yoyo’s. Please before you pop off like you know everything make an attempt to be a bit more humble and ask my reasons instead of trying to be a cyber bully.

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