CLYW vibe

I just heard about it recently, and don’t feel it in any of my throws. I ordered a wooly and am a little worried. Does anyone have a vibey CLYW they will talk about?

I too have used some completely smooth CLYWs. Most of the time for the ones that do vibe, I’ve found it to be very minor and usually not too noticeable except for during grinds, and even then it’s mostly negligible (i.e. my Bassalope).

I believe that the CLYW vibe mainly pertains to earlier runs or fools gold models. For example, my 1st run 28s Peak has a pretty sizable vibe, but to me it feels more… organic (like when you hear about the vibe giving the yoyos “character” - it’s true for the most part) than others that have been induced by taking a beating. But I’ve also tried a fools gold Peak with a pretty bone rattling vibe that actually did cross the line into full fledged annoying.

So as a general rule according to my observations, if you got a production (non fool’s gold) model from a recent run, you should be just fine and I wouldn’t worry about it.

My new Avalanche (also my first CLYW) has a small amount of vibe. It’s kinda disappointing because it’s such a great looking yoyo (Jack Rabbit). I’ve been experimenting with different bearings and axle tweaking but I can’t completely get rid of the vibe :frowning: If anyone out there has a vibey CLYW, please reply so I can feel better about mine :slight_smile:

This is a little strange… When I first got my campfire(first run I think) it had a slight vibe. The first time I dinged it, it disappeared. It might be nice if this was always the case…

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yes… they vibe…


My new Avalanche has a slight vibe too

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Cool. That’s all I needed to know. ;D