Heave Sent ( CLYW ) Creep Thoughts

FWIW, I really love the look and feel of this YoYo and it is my first CLYW that I’ve purchased.

I will say, and it’s been tough to find feedback or details on this, but the vibe on my YoYo seems pretty bad. I’ve heard folks mention something along the lines of a “classic CLYW vibe” ??? But, not sure if this is expected.

Anyone buy a creep from the latest batch, and what has your experience been? Just to be clear, not trying to trash or bad mouth HS/CLYW in anyway here.

I am very new to YoYo (just started in the last 5 months), but compared to what I’ve been throwing ( Grail, OD Nitro etc… ), the vibe is just too much. I’m pretty bummed because I was excited and I bought 2 of them. What has everyone’s experience been?

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I have a creep from an older run and it’s as smooth as a yoyo gets. You definitely have an issue with yours and I would contact clyw or heavensent about it personally.


i mean… even older clyws had very little vibe, any clyw ive bought recently is dead smooth or next to it, some of my 10+ year old peaks are still dead smooth… sounds like you got a dud, and for that price you should contact CLYW and see what they can help you with


No Vibe here, flip your bearing and check your pads. I have one from all three drops. The drop with the Bleach and Big Cheese did have a machine ring where the rim flattens out, but didn’t affect play. This last batch of Black and Clears are pretty sweet and they went with the blue pads this run. My first one with the blue aqua fade is still super smooth though.


Do both of the Creeps you bought have the same vibe? Hard to believe you would get two bad copies together?

I’ll check the other one, I threw it once and didn’t notice a big difference, but maybe I was just pissed.

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Fingers crossed one is better than the other!

Mine also had some vibe, going to flip the bearing or try another one and see if that resolves it. Surprised it came like that, most CLYWs I’ve had were incredibly smooth.

At least Im not crazy … flipping the bearing did seem to help a bit actually. It plays smoother with less vibe on the string … I will say, this yoyo is not forgiving, if your throw is not on point/straight … it’ll let you know. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a creep but I have had like 5 Clyw come with vibe and it was always the bearing. A quick bearing swap and they were all incredibly smooth. Not sure if that is the issue with yours but maybe worth a try

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Thanks for the tip, yeah … when I have a moment I’m going to swap in a DS Bearing …

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It’s always the bearing

Make sure the response pads are seated all the way down in the groove, also. I had one that want stuck all the way down and out rubbed on the string.