perfect yoyo


Hello everyone! So i just received my FG avalanche in the mail today. WOW! :o it is my perfect yoyo! i want to throw it more but my neck is killing me. :’( Big Big thank you to Yerret!!! If you were thinking of doing a trade with him, do it now!!!


Sweet, so glad you like it! Also thanks for the props, you’re not so bad yourself. :wink:


Avalanche is definitely dope! Kurti gave me one at PNWR this year and it instantly became my daily throw. Glad to see others are liking it as much as I am!


If my FG Ava was a woman I would marry it in a second. It’s on me all the time actually.


how old are you?!


I’d like to see your reaction to a non-FG Avalanche.


16, why do you ask?


I was about to ask, what’s the difference? FG Ava. and Ava. ?


FG Ava is a B-Grade, it’s supposedly vibey or whatever, chris just takes a lot of pride in his yoyos so whenever a batch comes out with a little bit of vibe he smells them for half price. It’s a great steal if you can get your hands on one.