OD yelets vs CLYW FG avalanche


Which one is better? I want to get a couple if opinions first before I buy.


The FG Avalanche is sooooo amazing. I haven’t tried a OD Yelets, so I can’t really help you out very much, but I’m telling you, the FG Avalanche plays extremely well for a FG yo-yo!!


Those yoyos are worlds apart and have a completely different feel on the string. It really depends on what you are looking for out of the yo-yo. Both are great in their own way.


I prefer the yelets


ok, well I have had an avalanche before and I really like the avalanche, but i just wanted to know if the yelets is better, but i am not much of an undersized yoyo guy as well. I have had undersized yoyos, like the wooly marmot, and i didnt really like how small it was compared to my other regular sized throws.