Y-factor or avalanche

I know the avalanche is in a whole different category. I like decent speed, smoothness just not sure which to get.

Which one would you want

i decided not to get the boss.

I, of what I’ve heard, most peeps prefer Y-Factor or Avalanche. Just that BOSS is fine but I think you’d like those two more.

well the y-factor is undersized and the avalanche is full sized so what do you like

I would get an Avalanche if you ask me.

Avalanche, for me.

Yfactor is faster but the avalanche is the “latest and greatest”. I have both, I recommend you also do the same.

I haven’t tried the Avalanche, but i can guarantee that you would NOT be disappointed with a Y-Factor. The Y-Factor is an excellent yoyo. I think you would be very happy with either.