yyf dna vs clyw avalanche

So I got both of these yoyos recomended to me and I was curious as to why each one was so good. I have read good reviews on the dna, but im not so sure bout the clyw. Thanks for your time

I really think you should go with either the SPYY Pro, or the CLYW Sasquatch. They are both amazing throws. And i have a review on the Sasquatch.

well the DNA has hubstack but the avalanche don’t have it

I can recommend what I think you would like if you tell me what Specs you like.

For example:

Bearing size

??? ??? ???

But although I have tried both of the yoyos you mentioned , do not think that you have to have one of the NEW yoyos out. There are soooooo many good throws out there and it all comes down to preference. :slight_smile:

I once saw a topic like this that asked if they should get a mighty flea or one of the other New yoyos out which was oversized. ::slight_smile:

All I am saying is in general people on the forums seem to see the first to advertisement slides on yoyo expert and do not even think about what is in the rest of the store. :smiley:

That being said, of the two mentioned, I would PERSONALLY choose the Avalanche.

good luck and feel free to send me a PM if you have any Questions

I’ve never played the DNA, but from what I understand, the Avalanche is almost the same as a Sasquatch, which I own :slight_smile: The only difference is the Avalanche is a tad floatier and faster than Sasquatch. Anyway, the Avalanche has had MANY, MANY good reviews, but so has the DNA. The best idea for you is to look at shape, weight, etc… and see which meets your preferences

Go for the DNA, breh.