last post (maybe...) clyw ava vs yyf supernova?

So, for some reason, I thought the the supernova was the best yoyo on earth (I know it’s not… At least I know that now) sand I kept on thinking that, pretty much until I learned split the atom. And I just want it really bad, I love the shape, the weight is perfect for me, I like how (to me) it feels floaty fans solid at the same time. I just LOVE it. But I hear amazing things about the avalanche, so I was wondering which do you like more? Why do you like that more? I dont care for grinding at all. I just want long sleep tines, and floaty, but kinda stable too. I think im going to just try them both and she’s which I like better anyway.

Sounds to me like they’ll both meet your preferences. Feel in hand (consequently, on the catch) is subjective; if you already love the Supernova, the Avalanche definitely has a different shape to it (although I personally think it’s comfortable!).

There’s a lot of love for CLYW. I love CLYW, too. But Supernova is one of YYF’s best-selling yoyos of all time, and for good reason. You’re not going to find many people with bad things to say about the Supernova. Except for grinds, it competes on par with anything out there. If you already love it, get it!

Never tried both but i here the OG avalanch plays better

Buy the Supernova. You clearly want it and you’ll enjoy using any yoyo lot more if you bought it because you loved it rather than because you heard it was good. You’ve already tried it and you know you love it, so you have nothing to lose. =)

Listen to your heaaarrttt…

Ignore what anyone says.

Is the Supernova great? Is the Avalanche great? The only opinion that matters is yours.

Here’s all I will say: I personally tried the Supernova and it I just didn’t care for it. Why? Just a matter of preferences, nothing more.

I have 2 Avalanches and I really like them. Why? Again, personal preferences.

Don’t justify why you like something. If you like it, you like it. That’s all that matters.

Well, except those of us who have already counseled him to get what he wants to get. :wink: Don’t ignore us!

Yes, except for those items.

I’ve played both, well a Fg Ava which most people say is pretty much the same. I prefer the Supernova because its heavier on the string, has a really mean spin on it, and is incredibly stable. For all those reasons, it makes learning new tricks easier for me cause I can screw up and miss a lot before I have to bind it back.

The Supernova is a little louder though. That’s the only downside I can think of.