what do you think about yyf supernova?

my favorite yoyofactory.

i got to try one at nats. not really my thing, but it was still smooth and a nice solid throw!

I also got to try one at Nats. I didn’t want to, but I was kind of pressed into it.

It wasn’t a model I really was interested. Playing it didn’t change my interests. I can’t say anything negative. It wasn’t bad in any way, it just didn’t really motivate me to want to actually do anything more than say “OK, I gave it a try, please have it back”.

So, I won’t say I wouldn’t recommend it. I will say I just really didn’t find anything interesting enough on it to spend any money on it.

7075 supernovas are Poop! However 2012 Supernovas (6061) are amazing. Early supernovas were too heavy/solid feeling for my liking. The 2012 Supernovas have a better weight and play better IMO

7075 ones are great. Love em. Everyone likes different stuff though. :wink:

One of my favorite yoyos. When YYF does it right, they hit it outta the park.

Gonna get mine soon…can’t wait! ;D

it is pretty sick

The Supernova is also my favorite YYF. It’s all around amazing.

I personally love it. The oversized shape and wide profile hit almost right where my preferences are. Great performer overall.

My favorite YYF after the Genesis. Really nice specs, and a joy to throw.