I want to know who has a supernova(s) and what color is it

I have a gray with gold splash and love it! :grin:

i have one and also love it.

I got a silver with red splash one.

Got one just like this ^ one.

I have the grey and gold as well – it rocks! My only regret is that I didn’t get the 7075 version.

I have a red with black acid wash one im planning on buying a delrin severe soon

2 gold USA Versions
VK2010 USA version
Red/silver 2012

I have a blue with orange splash Supernova. It is a great yoyo.

My brother has a silver/red splash. I like it quite a bit.

Red/black 2012! Love the heck out of it!

I have a white severe. so do I still win?

Me too!

Black w/ Silver acid wash


An older model thats gold with a sorta green acid wash and then this guy…

What response are u guys using? I’m pretty sure I’m going to switch to blue grippy pads because these white ones aren’t the cut. Any thoughts?

Anyone else???

7075 unengraved gold.

Why on earth didn’t I get one of these when it won the election? So full of regret and big salty tears…