Only 4 years until it runs again!

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That’s pretty sick. I have a Jason Lee in solid gold.

I think at one point I had 9 SN’s… Now I have 5.

Gold/Green Acidwash (7075)
YoYo Addict (7075)
Raw or clearcoat Canadian National(7075)
Gold Jason Lee (7075)
VK ed. (7075)

One of the best YYF’s to date… ever.

I used to have 7, slowly traded them, sending one out today. Now left with 2 USA , one gold/green acid, one VK 2010. Partly because I dont like the 2012 edition at all, but also because I dont like spending 100$+ on a yoyo so easy to find, because they still have pre 2012 editions in stock here!

I have a purple gray jon rob edition usa 7075 version. It would be perfect if the wall is lower for better horizontal tricks. It’s my favorite yoyo. But the wall :(!!! Dream yoyo: 7075 Supernova low wall like a positron. I would call it Supernova 2.0

Used to own a gold w/ grey splash one, but traded it fur a Genesis. Gotta love them Genesi

For my next YYF, it’s always been between Genesis and Supernova; however, lately I have to give the edge to Supernova. I’m sure I’ll get both eventually. :wink:

I love my Supernova, it’s my daily carry around throw and it shows ;D Just have the one but it’s a keeper. Black and white acid wash, my buddy says it looks like a cow so I’ve taken to naming her “Bessie”

That’s when I got mine. It was my first metal. I still play it daily even tho I have a dozen more by this point.

I’m looking to get a 7075 version. can anyone tell me the difference in playability between that and a regular one?


i got a nova aqua/ black acid wash.

RTV Silicone, yo

Mine Shipped today!! :stuck_out_tongue:

2012 BLk / sliver

I am curious about this too. Anyone tried or have both?


[quote author=Nemyo link=topic=56968.msg593164#msg593164 date=1363196315]

It’s either this or a Genesis for my first metal
I like the shape of my severe, but I want it to be heavier (like a protostar weight) and longer sleeping and stable.

Just described the supernova.

I have 3 Supernovas, and they all play just a little differently,and they are all great!

Thats why Improbably choosing the Supernova, but none of the colors i want are in stock anymore and the Genesis is apparently more stable, based on what i’ve heard

I will tell you this. I have had a lot of time to play with the SN and can tell you that I have had zero wobble. Don’t mess with the best!