what edition supernova is this?!?

i didnt know if i had a 7075 or 6061, and it turns out it was 7075 USA made supernova. but i showed them a pic and they said its a “here we yo!” edition. but instead of pink with black specs and purple splash, mine looks like its blue with black specs, and purple splash.
look carefully at the splash. there not very good quality pics…
the first is 1 side, the next is the side view, the last is the other side (if you cant see that already ;))
oh and i cant post more than 1, so i have to make 3 posts :-\ sorry :’(

terrible quality…

heres the other side…

Why do u have to make 11 topics about this? I TOLD you. I OWNED this EXACT yoyo it’s a 7075! STOP CLOGGING THE FORUMS WITH YOUR ENDLESS REDUNDANT TOPICS

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im not talking like 7075 or 6061… and it was 12… jk lol, i acyually named the other one differenly, but ur kinda right mr mordo, its just that the same 3 ppl (including me) are posting, i feel like nobodys looking at it :-\

We’re looking at it, but if we post in one, we don’t feel the need to post in the other four. So the posts are just scattered, where as if you didn’t post things multiple times for no reason, your topics would seem active.


I kind of agree but next time you should not be so aggressive :confused:

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I’m just going to go ahead and say that it is not a HWY edition for it’s lack of pink splash on top and the fact that it doesn’t have the HWY logo on one half.

Maybe send a message to YYF on Facebook, attach a pic and ask them. Maybe they can shed some light.

7075 I’d trade you a Code 1 for it lol