Is it true that a new 7075 supernova is coming out in a few weeks?


Anybody have proof of this?







This sounds interesting.


Don’t think so… We would probably know about it if it’s coming out in a couple of weeks.


There is a new Supernova in the works, but nothing has been mentioned spec or release wise yet.


2013 Severe plz


I’d get that.


I hope the new one isn’t made with 7075, because they cost SO much more. And I hope that the old ones are still available, because the colorway that I want is a 2012 model. Or they would Hopefully make a Orange w/ Red Splash 2013 model. That isn’t 7075…

(CaribouNick) #9

2011 Supernova is perfect. Why mess with one of the best 7075’s YYF has made? (:
They should just release more 7075 Genesis’.


I really liked the USA made 7075 Supernova’s. I feel the new ones feel really cheap.


How do I tell which supernova I have? On the box or the engravings or something?


Different editions. If it’s made in China it is 6061.

Show a pic and we’ll tell you.

(CaribouNick) #13

Engravings will tell you, if you can’t discern by the slight difference in machining.
If you have a Supernova with the engravings that have a “made in China” in small print around a circle, you have a 6061 (2012) version.

Supernova 2012 (6061) with the “made in China” engraving:

Supernova Lite (6061 USA?) with the “empty” explosion effect:

Supernova (7075 USA) with the “full” explosion effect:


They need to re-make the '09 Severe. I couldn’t care any less about the Supernova, lol.


You have good taste. I don’t want a Delrin Severe, I want a nice metal one, just like the 09 version!


Go make your own thread then! ;D


i have the last one. full explosion and no “made in china” thing. its the “here we yo” edition. i just learned that

and @mikers, lol i said that too in a different thread.


I think I remember the Supernova Lites being 7075.


They’ve talked about it on I don’t think they’ve said what material it will be. Tyler Severance has been testing prototypes and the release isn’t too far off. They’ve said the shape is modified, recalling more of the Severe as I seem to recall without scouring again. :wink: Blasted surface this time around, too.


Just found out i have a 7075 one of my favorites. Used it for a demo at work in front of about 1000 people(Exxon turnaround safety meeting, segue for scaffold yoyo’s) the Jon rob edition. Would buy the new edition.