Which YYF Supernovas sold by YYE are 7075?

Do they even sell any 7075 Supernovas currently? Please let me know.

They don’t anymore. There used to be ones in the colors that said (USA Made) besides them which indicated 7075 YYF’s

Not really anymore the supernova I have is vk edition 7075 and I think that is the only type of 7075 supernova. There could be more.

All the 2011 Supernovas were 7075. VK was just a colorway.

What justifies the price? Supernova lites were the same price but made in USA.

The original supernovas were 7075 not sure if they were 2010 or 2011…

Of the 2012s there were a few splashes that


look much different but said USA made and were $25 more, gold w blue splash was one of them. Also tohe eyyc edition 2012 supernovas are 7075 aswell…

The 2013 s arent 7075

Also some special editrions like my 1/15 yoyoaddict supernova I used to have.

For the 2012s the 7075s weigh like 68.5 and the 6061s are a gram or two lighter.

Weighing them will help you find out

2010 was still the Severe.