Difference in SuperNovas?

Are some not 7075 Al? Is this determined by the model year?

The ones made in the usa are 7075 from my understanding and the ones done in “china?” are 6061. I think that is most of the 2012 but not all. I’m not sure on the 2013 ones. but I think the line is usa, produced or not. if they are usa produced then they are 7075. I could be totally wrong on this. just what I understand to be true.

Ah yes. I considered the Made in USA thing but forgot about that…

Here’s what the store says:

USA: 7075
2012 Series: 6061

Supernova 6061 made in USA were supernova lite.

I’m trying to decipher what you said and what I’m reading on the store… The store says the Lite is 6061. Which SuperNovas are 7075? Player editions?

I think the 6061’s were:

the 7075’s were:
the usa made ones
Player editions (i think. dont quote me on that)

Original model was made in the USA and is 7075.

LITE was made in the USA and is 6061. It’s distinguishable by the text on it being unfilled.

2012 version is made in China of 6061.

Main difference is that weight varies between the three models.

Yea, I’m not too worried about the country of manufacture but wondering how the different weights caused a difference in play. Stability or smoothness…

We kinda split the difference in 2012. We achieved the performance we wanted in 6061 and it kept the price down. stability and smoothness you wont find a discernible difference between them. the lite is probably a little less stable but if you subscribe to the school of ‘float’ it may float your boat.

That’s good to know. I do love floaty…