Supernova 7075 vs 6061 which is better?


Im getting a Supernova,but I want to know what is better.A 7075 or a 6061 Supernova please I would love to know for that I want to make the best of what ever I invest my money in :smiley:


The 7075 is a regular Supernova and the 6061 is the Supernova Lite if I remember correctly… Both the same exact shape just made from different aluminum.
The 7075 plays a bit more solid than the 6061 a little light… and it really just comes down to personal preference on weight.

I love my regular Supernova (7075)… :wink:

This probably belongs in the “Looking for Help/Recommendation” section…


From earlier postings and what the store used to say, “regular” Supernovas are also primarily made with 6061 aluminum. Currently here at yoyoexpert, all the Supernovas that say “USA Made” are 7075 and the other, less expensive Supernovas are all made 6061. The Supernova Lite is a different 6061 model.

They’re both awesome. Honestly unless you really like one of the 7075 colorways go with the 6061. I don’t think there is that huge of a difference. The 7075 has more power to it for sure. It’s a little more of a beast on the string. Go with your favorite colorway and you won’t choose wrong. :slight_smile:


i like the lite a lot better. it a lot more floaty and well like its name a lot lighter


Thanks alot I didn’t want the usa version because of the color,but I wanted good performance.So in the end I think I’ll go with the 6061 version(I love the gray with yellow splash).