Supernova: 2012(6061) vs USA made(7075)

What is the differences between the two models in terms of play?

is the USA made worth the extra 25$ ?


YES the 7075 supernova is so much better! The new one plays worse in my opinion and is more likely to get dinged. 7075 aluminum is harder so it will withstand a harder impact.

I disagree, in my opinion the 2012 Supernova outplays the previous version. Is there a 7075 version of the 2012 series?

But yes, 7075 will be harder to dent, but the ano will come off easier, if that makes sense.

Can you tell what are the differences in terms of play?


This has already been discussed at length.,42086.0.html

I saw this thread but it doesn’t answer my question. I know what are the differences in material and such
But what are the differences in term of play? How do they differ in floatiness? Stability? Spin time? Weight on string? Thunk?

The thing is, 2012 is not just a different material, is a different shape as well

I have never tried the older Supernova but a 2012 ed. should be in the mailbox this afternoon. So more details once I play with it :slight_smile: That being said, I’ve heard a few professional’s opinions on the matter(on the YYF team and others) and they all seem to like the 2012 edition better. That can’t be a bad thing! Most have said it spun great and played alittle faster.

Waiting to hear more from you :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing my 2012 Supernova for a few days now and I’m very pleased to say the least. As I stated before, I’ve never played an older Supernova but the 2012 ed. is AMAZING. Although the only damage I might have inflicted was a slight touch to a metal table and tile floor, the aluminum used for this issue stood up greatly. For the record I have the silver/red splash version. Normally, raw/silver/clear annodized yoyos normally get marks but this one’s are very very minimal and seems pretty resistant to picking up scratches. It’s very stable and floaty(don’t disregard my recommendation because of my use of the term, “floaty”) Also seems to keep up with, if not pass, my Protostar in terms of speedy play. The shape and size of it makes for one awesome yoyo for horizontal play as well. Two words: GET IT. You will not be dissapointed!

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